Will wearing or not wearing the marriage ring?

Who wear engagement rings and double rings?

Girlfriend. Traditionally the engagement ring is given by the man to the woman. This is particularly true in the United States, America in general, in the UK, Ireland and some European countries.

The boyfriend and the girlfriend. In some European countries like Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, as well as in the Middle East, India, and much of Asia both, both the groom and the bride wear engagement rings. In Chile and Argentina it is also customary that both wear engagement rings. Usually rings for men are more like the wedding ring if not the same. Engagement rings bride and groom may or may not be combined and can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

Both sides. Gay couples who live in places where they can legally contract marriage have also adopted this tradition with his own reinterpretation.

Does it have to be a ring?

Some couples choose to exchange or give other jewelry to symbolize commitment. But today more than 70% of brides receive engagement ring and in most cases this is diamond. Other options considered bracelets, key rings, with or without diamonds, and even other gifts.

In some parts of Spain (where the groom does not use engagement ring) he can receive a clock commitment. So now you will notice an idea that there are actually many possibilities.

How much should I spend on the rings?

The answer manufactured by the jewelry industry used to be a month’s salary of a person, today this suggestion has increased to 2 or 3 months of salary of the person who will give away the ring. But really this is all a publicity stunt, largely originates from the time when the engagement ring was one of the gifts that the bride was delivered as collateral. This served to guarantee that if the groom broke the engagement, the bride could afford the expenses incurred would plan the wedding and as compensation for damages to his reputation so that is something of considerable value.

Note: Today, it depends on where you live there are several legal guidelines that apply in the case of breaking a commitment to determine who gets the ring. Not to mention the rules of etiquette.

The truth is that there is a written in stone that says how much you spend rule. Think of it this way. The suggestion from one to three months salary is a general idea of ​​what you can get an engagement ring. This amount you should consider what you can actually spend without incurring debt and at the same time pleasing your partner.

How much are the rings?

The ring itself (say the metal where it rests diamond or gemstones of your choice) is not expensive and still the most expensive out a few hundred dollars. The most important cost of the ring depends mainly on the type of stone you choose. It is the traditional diamond ring which may be more expensive. As an example: An engagement ring with a diamond of a ¼ carat gold ring 14K leaves about $ 500. An engagement ring with a diamond of 1 carat in a gold ring 18K you can go 4,000 to $ 5,000.

When choosing …

If you are thinking of proposing marriage to your partner when choosing a ring, it is a good idea to consider your lifestyle, personality type, and priorities as a couple. If you really want it surprise you have to be very observant to find out what type of ring (or jewelry) likes more. Consider what you want to express and also the means with which accounts. If it will not be as much a surprise can take your partner and both can choose the perfect ring. Both options can be very romantic and special.

Always remember that although the engagement ring is a very special and meaningful gift what really matters is the intention behind the promise and commitment that entails is what really matters. To live this promise you need is a common agreement, others are ornaments. So treasure this feeling and take it with you when looking for the ideal place to express your intention ring.