Why urges demystify romantic love?

There is a cross of a broad sector of feminism against romantic love (not against love) that has so damaged the autonomy and freedom of women. This is not to deny the sexual attraction, pleasure, desire or the idea of ​​affection and healthy living, but to demystify an idea of ​​love associated with dependence, submission and the need for another person to feel fulfilled (the ‘myth orange media ‘). This is the idea of ​​love that when approaching Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, invades movie screens, music and advertising.

And there are many arguments to demystify

1. Lose control. That phrase fills our cities these days with the premiere of the film ’50 Shades of Grey ‘. However, the harassment of the protagonist and sex and foreplay is pure proposed apology of violence against women. When the film portrays a woman who becomes obsessed with a man, this is almost always a disturbed (like the ‘Fatal Attraction’ by Glenn Close), a frustrated, alcoholic and ‘neurotic’ woman who competes with her daughter (as the Mrs. Robinson in ‘the graduate’) or a sick woman can do all sorts of things, even die for love (as in ‘Juana la Loca’ by Vicente Aranda).

2. These ideas that invade our social imagination born of literature, especially from the nineteenth century, music, advertising and film.

3. Let’s get to reality: A third of young Spaniards justified control as part of the relationship.

33% of young men and women Spaniards between 15 and 29 agree that the times of the couple are controlled, allowing you study or not, and limit your relationship with your family or friends, according to a study by the CIS and the Secretariat of Equality. The funny thing is that 97% reject sexist violence both physical and psychological, that is, do not identify these behaviors as violence, as explained in his presentation of the study coordinator, Veronica de Miguel.

The association between love and control is extended and new technologies simplify this type of violence, hence the importance of using educational resources like this web Educandoenigualdad.com to work the myths of love since adolescence, when they begin romantic relationships .

We must never forget, whatever our age, that romantic love determines excess emotional, professional and personal development of women. Us into supporting roles of our own history. So demystify dates as Valentine is essential.