Why TV series suspended in equality?

One of the most interesting feminist debates about gender roles and television took place in Internet forums a few months ago, while the fourth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ was broadcast Is a feminist series, as has declared its creator George RR Martin, to provide leadership and prominence to several of his female characters? Or is it a sexist series by the high number of female nudes and mistreatment of women?

There were opinions for everything and probably both questions can be answered with a yes, if we analyze the studies conducted by the Geena Davis Institute for Research on Gender in Media. Indeed, in ‘Game of Thrones’ women are key to the plot, show another way of understanding leadership, they are brave, good strategists and ambitious in their motivations and how to achieve their goals. But both the costumes and sexual assault also show a stereotyped and conditioned by the ideal of romantic love woman.

Without reaching adult productions such as ‘Game of Thrones’, the latest report Geena Davis Institute analyzed 5,554 characters from movies and American series family (which in Spain known as ‘Family-public’). And these are some of the conclusions

The situation does not improve behind the camera. S nly there is a 7% of women directors, screenwriters 13% and 20% of production. The study shows that when a woman writes the script, the female presence is growing by an average of 10%.

The solution proposed school is to get more female characters, provided they develop non-stereotyped activities, and more women in charge of the scenes. To do this, they have already started a lobby pressure and conversations with content creators and producers to reach a compromise.

Transforming the role of women in cinema is a priority for countries like Sweden, which has launched the Test Bechdel to inform viewers if the film or series that will see guarantees the presence non-stereotyped portrayal of women.