What to do with wedding photos taken in instagram

If you have already shared Instagram and cute photo memories in the past, probably because you wondered if your wedding and instagram can also marry … and maybe together to create the best photographic album that nobody has ever seen.

Sure you can use apps that do all the crowdsourcing for you. But if this option does not convince you, then this formula is for you. Take note!

Step 1. Open your accounts.

If you already have accounts: Instagram, a site of online storage, and IFTTT that you can use for your project then continues to the next step. If not, pay attention.

Open your account Instagram. You will need your Smartphone, install the Instagram app, and follow the instructions. Instagram is like twitter but what are you share photos, hence you need a hashtag to group photos from your wedding, and that is unique to not have to get to get yours in a sea of ​​photos.

Open an account at a photo storage site or “cloud based”. Type Flickr or Google Drive.

Important: Designates a space dedicated to your wedding photos. Well, you is to open an account or use an existing thereupon want to designate a folder or album in which you want to receive the pictures of your wedding. Flickr would be an album. Google Drive in a folder. In this example we will name “Our Wedding” and will be an album on Flickr.

Open your account IFTTT. It’s just a matter of signing up, you’ll need an email, and ideally already have other accounts in order. IFTTT – acronym for If This Then That – if this happens, then this action – consider your accounts as channels. For a basic formula you need two channels one where something happens that motivates IFTTT to carry out an action related to the second channel.

You see where we go right? If! With the help of the fabulous IFTTT all photos on Instagram with your hashtag will automatically be sent to your online storage account.

Second step. Link your account to IFTTT.

For IFTTT can do its magic you need to register your Instagram account and your storage account (in this example Flickr) within your account IFTTT officially giving the official status of channels among which there will be some wonderful interactions. I mean, gather all your wedding photos for your enjoyment and joy.

Third step. Choose a hashtag carefully.

Instagram has millions of users. If you do not want to receive strange pictures that have nothing to do with you or your wedding then you have to choose a super exclusive hashtag, make sure it is not in use, and preferably it memorable for your guests. You can use, for example, a pair of initials (one of yours and your partner) and the date of your wedding: # JyM251214 (Joseph and Maria 25 of December 12, 2014).

Important: looking, looking and looking again to make sure your Instagram hashtag is no longer in use, and do it before the next step.

Fourth step. IFTTT weapon in your recipe.

Get in on the magic!

Build your recipe follows

IF THIS [a photo is shared on Instagram with the hashtag # JyM251214]

THEN THAT [photo is automatically stored in the album “Our Wedding” my account on Flickr]

And ready! Now it’s up to test the formula. Take a couple of celebratory selfies with your partner or get out and take a couple of photos. Share photos with your special hashtag and see how they are automatically stored in the destination. Super! do not?

Last step. Share the hashtag.

If! Families, friends, wedding guests in general … invite them to be part of your project asking to share in Instagram, with your unique hashtag, all the photos you take on your wedding. Be sure to include a note in the invitations and in the wedding program includes clear instructions and hashtag. And ready! Let’s enjoy right now!