Wedding reception ideas for do it yourself

You’ve come to the right place!

Take care yourself (possibly with the help of family and / or friends) from food and drink from your wedding can be a great way to pamper your guests to the extreme. Honestly, this should be the primary motivation of every bride who would like to take this big project. Not that save a little at the wedding is not important too, but depending on how prepared are your plans (and how much experience and support you have) many times do yourself can be more expensive. But not all projects are equal. Find here ideas for wedding reception with various levels of difficulty.

Study your options with a high degree of skepticism and cold calculation. Choose a project you feel you can do with your eyes closed without any problem. This way you will not estresarĂ¡s too and if you want you can further customize it or add other details easily.

Any project wedding is much more than delicious food to pamper and spoil your guests. It will require preparation well in advance and friends or family members who tirelessly support your project from start to finish. And of course implements, utensils, and others.

Remember that the more complicated the wedding feast project you have in mind you will need a greater amount of support. Think: waiters, bar tender, helpers in the kitchen, cleaning, equipment rental, etc …

Ideas for a wedding reception do it yourself – intermediate level