W.I.T.C.H., witchcraft and spells against patriarchy

The WITCH acronym in English make up the word ‘witch’ hide the activity of a fascinating feminist guerrilla: the Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell) acting in New York between 1968 and 1970, passing into history as one of the most interesting groups of radical feminism.

For years, its history, articles, news and spells were shared clandestinely. In Spain, in January 2007, editorial La Felguera them together for the first time in a book whose second edition was released in October 2013. This manual combat and witchcraft, translated by Inmaculada PĂ©rez, also includes photographs, posters and flyers feminist that they are part of his legacy.

W.I.T.C.H worked as an urban guerrilla witches and witches honoring sisters, persecuted in the Middle Ages by the church and other patriarchal institutions.

“Their members and other groups, such as peers in time New York Radical Woman, Redstockings or later New York Radical Feminist (1969), were the result of feminist disappointment against the liberalism of historic women’s organizations like NOW, founded by Betty Friedan in 1966 and the internal contradictions of the very new left “, explained in the initial text of the book Susan Wildburg.

All in the midst of revolutionary mood against the war in Vietnam, the anti-capitalist protests, the imminent formation of terrorist groups such as The Weather Underground (which will be linked some of the members of WITCH) and violent derived from a sector activism civil rights of blacks after the assassination of their leaders.

W.I.T.C.H activity was brief but very fruitful. They were three years of boycotts beauty pageants and bridal fairs, occupation counterculture newspapers, protests against the courts or in Washington to demand the release of fellow revolutionaries and secret covens led by activist Robin Morgan.

Invoked violence and death machismo in their communications and invited women to practice self-defense against sexism in the poetic idea that anyone could becoming anything like a witch. It was enough just to repeat three times the phrase “I am a witch”. His way of doing it connected with feminist self-awareness groups and invited to create brotherhoods and explore spirituality of women. His message emerged from hiding in New York, but soon caught wick in other US cities where other groups of witches followed suit. And today, the direct action of Pussy Riot and Femen, is clearly influenced by them

“If you’re a woman and you dare to look inside you, you’re a witch. Create your own rules. Free and You’re beautiful. You can be invisible or visible about how you choose to publicize your face witch. You can form your own group Sisters Bruges (thirteen is a comfortable number for a group) and make your own actions. (…) all repressive, it aimed only to men, the greedy, the puritanical, authoritarianism, these are your goals. ( …) your power comes from your being a woman, and is activated by working with your sisters. ”

The second edition of W.I.T.C.H by La Felguera includes an unpublished text to date, ‘Goodbye to all this’, published by Robin Morgan in 1970 in the newspaper RAT. He was part of a special issue of this means of New York, one of the best known of the counterculture and the so-called New Left, on feminism. As recounted in the text, a group of women working in RAT who were tired of male hierarchies in the newspaper and sexism of its contents, took control with the help of other activists and became a feminist newspaper. Morgan’s article generated a lot of controversy, but in effect it becomes an essential reading for any feminist today

Any master has the option to get rid of sexism and racism, the oppressed and have no alternative-since they have no power-struggle “.

(Source: W.I.T.C.H. Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell Editorial La Felguera Second Edition..).