Top 8 ideas for accessories and wedding props funny

Whether you’ve decided to rent a photo booth, put together one with a digital camera or an iPad, or simply customize a wedding app complete with photo booth … definitely you want to include fun accessories to create unforgettable pictures. If!

Input you can visit somewhere like Etsy or Amazon and you’ll find several sets of “photo booth props” cute and funny. You can also visit a party store and secure find accessory packages and signs with the same function. But … of course that’s not all … the top 8 Czech fun accessories for the best wedding pictures and put your personal super touch to this experience. (Note that there are also accessories fotomat√≥n more tender and romantic … without taking away the fun!)

Large or small,. Plastic or cardboard. In crazy, funny, modern, or retro styles. In the colors of your wedding theme. With signs without signs. There are endless options. Personally I can tell you that the cardboard glasses look better when you can see the biscos and winks of your guests while having fun like children. On the other hand plastic glasses look super fabulous if you choose all on a single topic or different designs but all one color.

As the lenses, but even more crazy. The masks you can buy in a store party accessories or make them yourself. If the beams can customize yourself with your colors, with the theme of your wedding, or just let your imagination flow and follow a topic (related or not, your wedding). The best masks are those that can hold a wand and put on your face.

The next level after the masks … ideal for themed weddings type Sci-fi, Halloween, or as a somewhat crazy accent among other options. Remember that not everybody likes masks, and one will not want to muss or damaged makeup, so it offers a couple but also masks, glasses with funny faces, or something similar for comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

Mustaches and type cartoon mouths have reached the world of weddings … and it seems to be a while. Almost all packages accessories funny pictures includes at least a few. They are cute, fun, and easy to use. The can do yourself, and not only that, you can even make your own versions. For example mustaches and beards of various colors. Kissing Gecko, smiling, and humorous mouths. Place them on sticks as if they were blindfolds … and voila!

I do not know what are the boas that are so funny out of context. Perhaps the material, the colors, or a combination of both. You can find them in costume shops and party accessories or you can make them yourself with some stuff you buy in the fabric store. Maybe you want a pair in the colors of your wedding theme … or something really extramb√≥tico to bring up the wild side of your more timid friends. If a boa you think too much, or just can not find one you like, you have a couple of shawls. Organdy or some fabric in your color theme, or even in crazy colors, or with fun designs. As simple as buying a pair of meters of fabric and trim, the hemline is optional.

A couple of wigs in vibrant colors are always a good addition to a photo kiosk. They are fun and completely change the look of whoever. Remember that not everyone will want to muss and one or two is enough.

Particularly successful in themed weddings. retro hats, top, bowler, charros, ranchero, with and without bows, with or without wigs. You can find them at thrift stores and costume shops clear. But you do not have to spend a lot if you want a couple of hats between accessories for photos. You can make hats silhouettes in cardboard, paint and place them on sticks (as if they were masks or whiskers) and presto!

Customizable blackboards, droll messages, faces, and all sorts of bells and whistles can be included in bubbles, hearts, circles and signs of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Easily you can do yourself (same method of cartonboard and wand that masks and mustaches) or you can buy games and made signs. There are endless both modern issues such as retro, as Victorians, as you can think … now available online.