Timeline for perfect wedding hairstyle

The truth is that there is no rule that dictates mega when you have to start preparing what you need to wear a fabulous hairstyle on your wedding day. What if there is the experience of many brides and a couple of recommendations that can help a lot. Honestly, it’s best to choose the course of action that will cause less stress. For some brides start planning this mean these details as soon as possible, for others it means leaving for the stretch run. Anyway here is a great timeline that can help.

Note: Something you definitely want to consider is the importance of hiring the services of stylist well in advance, particularly if you plan to marry wedding season in full swing, or just weekend. The last thing you want to experiment with a new stylist, with whom have never worked, the mere wedding day just for not having booked your services well.

That said, here is a small program that will help you coordinate everything about your girlfriend hairstyle free stress and worry.

6 to 5 months before the wedding

Start collecting photos of your favorite hairstyles. This is the ideal place to gather ideas on hairstyles, accessories, veils, and other details related to your hairstyle time.

4 to 3 months before the wedding

Consultation and interviews several professional stylists who specialize in wedding hairstyles. Program a couple of dates with the best recommended and analyze your options. This is where you will use the compendium of ideas you’ve been collecting.

3 months before the wedding

Hire your stylist combing a study program, and if all goes well, booking services you and your wedding party will need from your stylist for the wedding day.

6 to 4 weeks before the wedding

A month and a half before the wedding is the ideal time to give you a blunting. If you curl your hair alacias or professionally this is also the perfect time, because you give your hair enough time to relax.

2 weeks before the wedding

If you paint your hair, this is the perfect time to give a touch to the roots and potentially add some light around the face (super flattering for brides). You want to end the tone of your hair in this session – this is including gray coverage and other details related to colorings and dyes.

1 week before the wedding

Confirm reservations with your stylist, makeup artist, Manicurists at least one week before the big day.

The wedding day

Since you took out a study of hair or hairstyle practice with your stylist so you already have an idea of ​​how long it takes for you to comb your wedding day. Either way consultation with your stylist how long you need to comb your hair, and if it will comb members of your wedding party, also show that. Be sure to book the time needed to comb your hair and also includes the time needed for makeup. You have everything to that time asides for hair and makeup is more than enough and free of interruptions. Almost all brides arriving late to a wedding, do not set good time to get ready … and if you avoid this will be more relaxed and therefore more beautiful.

Pack a couple of things and carry them to the wedding

Wedding takes a few extra pins and hairspray, so you can touch up your hair if necessary. You can also wear a pair of conditioning clothes dryer sheets and pass them through your hair if you have a lot of static in the air and your hair begins to turn rebellious. Pack everything in your emergency kit and appoints a sponsor of confidence as the official in charge. And ready!

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