Themes and ideas for bridal shower

The shower for the bride is a tradition celebrated since time immemorial, but not all parts of the world. Initially this tradition began when friends of a bride who did not have the support of his family (read dowry for marriage) out to their rescue (or rather met) and regaled all sorts of basic household. In doing so her friends gave her the support she needed and helped him to start his married life at least basic. Today, with independent brides, gift tables, and couples who arm themselves home alone, the bridal showers are rather an opportunity to celebrate the bride, share memories and stories, and of course eat one another appetizer.

Who is responsible for organizing the shower bride?

The most usual is that the matron of honor is who organizes the shower bride, unless a member of the family …. If! You read that right, because of the very origin of this celebration is traditional that is a good friend of the bride and not a family.

Who pays the costs of holding the shower bride?

For an informal or casual shower, medium, or not very elaborate bride, the maid of honor or whoever the host covers all expenses. For a more elaborate shower, of major proportions, or more formally the host you can discuss it with the other bridesmaids, and come to some agreement distributed costs. As with all economic matters, it is best to set a budget and agree as distributed and pay costs before starting to plan the details.

Of course, everything does not have to involve money, such as planning, decorating, assembly, and even cook one or two antojito … everything can be carried out by the matron of honor (of course with the help of godmothers) and to create a celebration 100% personalized and not very expensive.

Where hold a shower for the bride?

Most commonly celebrate in the house of the host, or any of the bridesmaids, but the truth is that any place where you can hold a party is a good place. It can be held in a restaurant, in a room, in a park, on the beach, or even in a zoo. You can also choose a specialized topic and celebrate the party according to the theme. For example, spa afternoon at a spa or beauty session in a beauty salon, an afternoon of art in a museum or gallery or even a paint shop or ceramic tea tasting in a tearoom, etc … the joke is that it is accessible to the guests, that lends itself to fun, and you can have a couple of hours.