the wedding was canceled … Now what do I do?

A wedding canceled, no matter who canceled, it can be an overwhelming experience that moves the table to the strongest and confident people. We’re talking about at least two quantifiable losses over everything related to them: the loss of a relationship and the loss of a project close to your heart – the wedding. As in any losses you have to deal with the grief and go through the entire process to move forward.

You should expect a personal level individually

As an important separation (either breakup, divorce, death and others) is normal mourning. You recognize that even if you were the one who called off the wedding there will be a sense of loss. From start to cancel the wedding details will keep you busy and can easily put aside to deal with the emotional factor but do not. You’ll want to recognize what stage of grief you are, accept where you are on an emotional level, and recognize your needs and feelings.

The stages of grief are

It is normal to feel grief over the canceled wedding … as well as the relationship ended.

You can do to advance your personal healing

Dealing with everything related to the cancellation of the wedding, from dealing with family, friends, service providers, and everything else can be overwhelming. Here are some things you can do to facilitate your healing.

Talk business

Although you feel alone, just as you have been in this kind of situation, I know-it from now you’re not alone and you’re not the only person who has gone through this. Always keep this in mind. Talk about what you’re going with someone you trust could help you process the situation and move on with your life. Another option is to read the forums brides where there is some discussion about weddings canceled, can confirm that there are several and sometimes read what others have learned in the process can help you move forward. Also talk to someone in the same situation can be very liberating, so do not stay bottled yet.

Give yourself permission to feel

It is good to feel the feelings that leads to a loss like this. No salt├írtelos want, ignore them, or make them less. Although you would not leave you overwhelmed by them it’s okay to feel what must be felt to avoid falling into destructive behavior or relationships. Taking the time to live each stage and feelings will help you overcome this experience having learned more from you … you will be a stronger and more contact person who you are in every way.

No you blame yourself

Shame and shame are powerful emotions that can weaken even the safest self-esteem. In a world where everything has a “right” way of being and a procession of events “accepted” many people feel disappointed and defraudadoras when they decide to stop something like a compromise, even if it is the best decision for the individual concerned. Avoid taking criticism too personally and especially avoid extreme self criticism. People evolve and change in ways that you do not always imagines, whatever the reason, kind and gentle with yourself, learn, and move on.

Change your routine and try new activities and hobbies

If you shared many routines with your former partner is a good idea to change things up a bit. Do not stay in it before, try new things, new ways of doing things, new music, new places, new hobbies, and new ways to live your life. Sooner or later you will have a new routine that fits perfectly to you, who you are now, and who want to be in the future. Not to mention that new activities and hobbies you also give away the opportunity to meet new people and discover parts of you that may not know you had.

Take care of yourself

Body, mind, and soul … takes care of you in every way. It is common to experience a drop in motivation, fatigue, changes in appetite, and other diversions personal care routines when suffer a significant loss. The key is to actively decide to take care of you and do not remove your finger from the line. Back to the gym, gather in the church, spend more time with family and friends, go to the sauna, or just go for a manicure and pedicure, are perfect examples of caring for yourself. As if that were not enough super physical health is linked to emotional health so taking care of one aspect you’re also taking care of the other. Take care of yourself because you are your most prized possession.

Seek help

You might consider seeking professional help to deal with this healing process, an expert in personal relationships therapist, minister or pastor of your church, or even a group of people who are going through similar situations to yours. Seeking professional help is a very personal way you’d want to consider if you are having trouble getting out of bed, if you feel too much fatigue, if you have suffered significant weight change, if you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness or lack of appreciation for yourself or life, if you have turned away significantly from family and friends. In fact, even if you are not experiencing such symptoms you might seek help is a good option that could potentially help you grow as a person and understand your motivations, feelings, and help bring better future Relationships.

It is a personal process and only you will decide how to get it

Overcoming a canceled wedding is a personal process. Only you will know what works for you and how to get ahead. Always remember that you are not the first nor the last person who goes through this, and especially the best is yet to come. So … Go ahead! You can!