The most important books of Flora Tristan

The two most important books of the Franco-Peruvian feminist Flora Tristan are ‘Pilgrimages of a Pariah’ (1838) and ‘Union Obrera’ (1843). Both have left their mark on socialist feminism, which is maximum representative with Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxembourg and Alexandra Kollontai.

The first is much more than an autobiography, because in parallel to the events of his life the author expresses his feminist thesis, his reflections on the machismo that prevents you lead your life independently, and his tireless struggle to get away from her ex-husband an offender who chased through the streets of Paris, coming to attack her in the street, while the authorities not only did nothing about it but considered illegal separation.

“My husband started to haunt me and wanted to take my daughter, because she realized that I was happy to have her near me.” ( ‘Pilgrimages of a Pariah’)

Experiential also ‘Union Obrera’ (1843) is a chronicle of labor and social conditions of the proletariat.

In this book, it goes beyond these formulations and defends women’s education in addition to a union of workers in a labor International that peacefully, claimed dignity and justice. Regarding women, it is strong also his stance against marriage and regrets that many girls do not attend school and are exploited, first in the family home, and then by a husband, as if his only destiny was to serve a man.

“The level of civilization reached between different human societies is in proportion to the independence enjoyed by women”. ( ‘Union Obrera’, 1843).

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