The feminist discourse of Emma Watson at United Nations

Actress Emma Watson, known for his role in ‘Harry Potter’, is one of the most famous committed to feminism and women’s rights. In July, UN Women, the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and women empowerment, announced his appointment as ‘Goodwill Ambassador’. And on September 20 he delivered his first speech at the headquarters of the supranational organization, defending feminism as a term that encompasses the struggle for equality and inviting men to take and transmit new values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with masculinity.

Here are the highlights fragments of his speech and his defense of feminism

You can see full speech on YouTube at this link.

Emma Watson’s work will focus on the empowerment of women as well as the ‘HeforShe’ campaign to promote gender equality, according to UN Women. The singer has spent several years engaged in promoting the education of girls and visited Bangladesh and Zambia as part of their humanitarian work.

“The defense of women’s rights is so closely linked to my life I can not imagine a more exciting opportunity. Still I have a lot to learn, but as you progress, hope to bring more individual knowledge, experience and awareness to this role “said Emma Watson, who just graduated in English Literature at the Ivy League institution (Brown University).

It is not the only actress who plays this role. Nicole Kidman is Australia since 2006, ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ and primarily has supported campaigns on violence against women.

UN Women is a specific agency dedicated to equality, from a year ago, heads the South African Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. Coordinated institutional goals of the United Nations to achieve equal after the Millennium Development Goals and prepares the Beijing Conference of 2020 in which the Declaration and Platform for Action of Beijing will be reviewed after the Fourth World Conference on Women, in 1995.

Mlambo-Ngcuka with has taken a more assertive role in the situation of women in Iraq, Egypt or Nigeria and its clear lines of work is to involve men in the eradication of violence against women.