‘Suffragettes’ real and dangerous

In 2015, the same year in two emblematic sagas of science fiction young King took the controls of the Millennium Falcon and Imperator Furious led a post-apocalyptic women’s army, ‘Suffragettes’ film in which the heroines, was released real and dangerous, they are common workers who defended their right to vote and political representatives.

Sarah Gavron’s film excited to vindicate the story of a group of women who rose against sexism and said Enough !, British suffragists, who took to the streets of Mary Wollstonecraft claims or Harriet Taylor in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries .; the action takes place in the early twentieth century, moment of greatest tension struggle led by Emmeline Pankhurst for women’s suffrage, when he had exhausted the means of dialogue activists, internal differences threatened the movement and confrontation the state was complete. “Deeds, not words” ( “Deeds not words”) was the slogan of these rebels defended themselves with studied military paraphernalia paternalistic promises and cynicism of politicians, abuses of employers, the contrapropaganda of the press and the rejection of people from their neighborhoods.

What as it has been done before such a film? It turns out amazing as the fact that a country like Saudi Arabia is expected to 2015 to timidly open the polls to women, as stated in the epilogue of the tape. The history of women still remains hidden behind the patriarchal bias of our textbooks, films and series that feed our memory and spirit, art and music that evade us and make our feelings … Thanks to productions this justice is done to the truth and, incidentally, to some of our feminist mothers and sisters.

One of the great virtues of ‘Suffragettes’ is valid. The protagonist is Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan) a young woman who, as a child, working in slave-like conditions in an industrial laundry, as the operatives of the textile factories today, they charge a pittance in Bangladesh for making clothes for large multinationals . Maud has been a victim of sexual violence as they are today thousands of women worldwide and claims a salary equal to men, as in our days. Thanks to these “criminals” from different social classes, the British may vote from 1928 (partially since 1918) setting an example to many other territories that took as an example. His strategy was clear: I had to change unjust laws drafted by and for men.

Another of the great lessons of the film is not sweetened or victimizes these fighters who used violence on the streets (not towards people, in fact suffragism is considered the first peace movement), they were imprisoned and lost their children or, as in the tragic episode of Emily Davison in the Epsom derby, even life.

They, like the new heroine of ‘Star Wars’, not needed run alongside a man to give them a hand. Some supported them but most tried to maintain the dictatorship which is believed superior and unquestionable to decide on the fate of others power.

Should be designed ‘Suffragettes’ in all schools in the world and explain to the younger than the right to vote is only the tip of the iceberg of a movement that goes beyond a sign in a BeyoncĂ© concert. They know that the world is full of women fighting for their story also is told. And above all, they are united, they are real, and dangerous.