Six books for a feminist autumn

Reading is a good company for the fall and into developments related to feminism and the ‘herstory’, we have chosen six very informative, that recover the historical role of the Theroigne revolutionary Méricourt, the transgression of Oriana Fallaci, the feminist empowerment Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the wisdom of Ana de Miguel and Eleanor Roosevelt and a tribute to Ada Lovelace when approaching the 200th anniversary of his birth.

‘The fury. Proclamations and manifestos of revolutionary cannibal ‘is a vindication of the warrior feminism Theroigne of Méricourt, whose history has come distorted until today. A dangerous and violent woman who proposed the creation of battalions of Amazons during the French Revolution.

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‘Sexual Neoliberalism. The myth of free choice ‘is the new work of the Spanish philosopher Miguel Ana. In it dismantles the “false equality” (women we are free, we can choose our relationships, …) and explains how neoliberalism turns the body of women in merchandise and how patriarchal sex industry works.

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We all Should be feminist, “” We should all be feminists “was the famous speech that the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a TEDx Talk and which, from personal experience, exhorted a feminism of vindictive XXI century equality, led by women and men and to take into account women’s diversities.

This book, motivating and with touches of irony and humor, is the literal transcription of its flagship intervention. More »

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most influential women leaders of the twentieth century for his defense of human rights and minority groups. His diplomatic work and its key role in the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 are some of its milestones as an activist, now collected in this book, ‘The feminist who changed the world’ by J. William T. Youngs , which in its Spanish edition he is prefaced by writer Laura Freixas.

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Considered the first female journalist who was a war correspondent, Oriana Fallaci (who died in 2006) was one of the great professionals of his time and narrated from the trenches the wars in Vietnam and Korea, the Kennedy assassination or conflicts in Latin America also interviewing people like Kissinger, Gaddafi or Indira Gandhi. Controversial and contradictory, he was a brave and free woman, as described in ‘correspondent’ by Cristina de Stefano, only authorized biography to date.

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‘Ada algorithm’ a book about the history of Ada Lovelace, a pioneer of the information age, to better understand the personality and contributions to computing mathematics, when two centuries of birth is fulfilled.

Its author, James Essinger, delves into the history of their parents, especially Lord Byron, the social mandate to make it a ‘Miss’ and how, in this environment, Ada came to become a proper name of science.

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