Postponing a wedding

There may be many reasons why a couple may decide to postpone their wedding. The truth is that none usually by simple, easy to explain causes, and often not happy. But if you’ve already reached the point where you’ve made this decision … what do you have to do? How do you communicate the news to your guests? What it is there to say? and What about gifts?

Etiquette and rules of etiquette to postpone a wedding

If you’ve exhausted all resources and it seems clear that the only option left is to postpone the wedding, then the first thing you should do is notify your guests as soon as possible. As for this step do not fear or prejudice, remember that you invited these people to your wedding because they are important in your life, just as you are important to them and understand that some things are not in your hands.

In every instance is to notify your guests as soon as possible.

What should I say?

The right thing is to give a brief and concise explanation as to why the wedding was postponed. For example: “Because of illness …” or “Because of a death in the family,” or whatever the reason.

How to notify friends and family members? When the wedding was not formally announced

If the wedding has not been formally announced, you can simply spread the word. Communicate your desire to postpone the wedding family and the family of your partner and their closest friends. They in turn spread the word and someone asks if they can just inform them. Once this is done peacefully you can start planning your wedding again, it will be almost like starting from scratch.

When it has already announced the wedding but you have not yet sent invitations

If you have already announced the wedding, either in an engagement announcement in the newspaper that includes the date of marriage, if as you celebrate an engagement party where the date is announced, or if you have sent cards of “departs date” then right it is to send a simple card (or to match the theme of the little cards that have already been sent). The card should have canceled the event data as well as the reason why the wedding is postponed.

If you do not know what the new wedding date notification can read

Because of a serious illness in the family, wedding Boris Alicia Alvarez and Borges, who was scheduled for November 10, 2013, has been postponed. A new date will be announced as soon as possible.

If you know what the new wedding date, notification can read; Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez.

hereby announce that the link of your daughter

Miss. Alicia Alvarez


Mr. Boris Borges

which has been postponed, it will now be held on

April 1, 2014 at the Club de Golf La Parota.

When you have already sent invitations

If invitations were already sent to say there is not much for the original wedding date so that the correct procedure is to notify your guests by telephone. If this is a monumental task or emotional – your family and a few close friends you can help you notify guests. Definitely you want to make sure to notify all guests without missing one and preferably already have a new date in mind to not let the guests hanging.

Remember: In cases where you have already offered celebrations such as engagement parties, teas wedding, bachelor parties, and of course, therefore you have already received wedding gifts should know that these are no longer repeated for the new date ( or the celebrations or gifts) but should send thank-you notes as soon as the same as if you were to marry on the original date.