Postpone, cancel, or continue with the wedding

If you see yourself against the need to decide whether to postpone, cancel, or continue with the wedding plans you will want to carefully analyze your possibilities.

Postpone the wedding is usually recommended for cases where the couple want to continue with the marriage but an unexpected circumstance that makes it seem inappropriate to continue the wedding celebration has occurred. Generally speaking the reasons are usually considered valid only two

1. There has been a death in the immediate family (for near refers to frontline family such as parents, siblings, children, and grandparents.)

2. One of the partners or a close relative has contracted a serious illness (serious concerns that need hospitalization or surgery and treatment in question conflicts with the wedding date.)

Note: A third potential valid reason … is if some extreme weather phenomenon threatens attend the wedding or the date forward to devastate the city or area where they had planned the wedding.

As for etiquette and civility is concerned, to postpone the wedding for trivial reasons is not acceptable. Reasons like the salon, flowers, or providers that want to hire are not available, like your best friend always can not come, or until you realize you need more time (or money) to plan the wedding … do not count as valid . It is assumed that before announcing the date, and of course, long before sending the invitations must have all affairs in order: that is, you must have considered how to allocate your time commitment date to the wedding date , have checked with your best friend (and all your “inevitable” guests) before choosing date, confirmed with service providers and local you want to hire that are free on your date, and of course … have planned the budget carefully.

Personally speaking, I can tell you that I have known couples who have followed the wedding in the hurricane, after significant family losses (including children) and in difficult situations of all kinds. In general, the motivation to go ahead with the wedding is life itself. Almost nothing in this world is perfect and 100% predictable but in many instances it is best to go ahead, also with a wedding. Although, of course, this is an extremely personal decision that will be taken together and possibly in consultation with his immediate family.

Some alternatives to continue the party in cases where there is reason to postpone but do not want to.

If a family member or friend who can not attend the wedding (due to illness or other cause) considers the possibility of transmitting the wedding live online. It is easier than you think.

In case of a death in the family considers the possibility to honor his memory at the wedding. You and your partner may include some detail to honor the memory of that person. But above all knowing in your heart that that person would want with your life even in difficult times it is most comforting.

In the event of a natural disaster it will depend very much the extent of damage and danger to you and your guests. If it is an event that has already passed (or will not happen until after the wedding) and both suppliers and guests can attend the wedding (no danger) then it is best to continue the party.

Cancel the wedding is a 100% personnel decision. Here there is a list of valid reasons or not to cancel. If you feel the need to cancel, no one has to say. We are talking about a person marries in theory for life, so if one of the two parties concerned not to go ahead with the wedding for whatever the reason is better to cancel all follow despite griefs by which they say, not to embarrass, or do the task that involves canceling a wedding. So if you are contemplating this possibility peacefully you know that you’re not the only person who has done it and sometimes better a colorful life that all a faded.