Photo styles for your wedding

In the early days of photography was not even expected to have at the wedding photographer. The wedding album in the late 1800’s was one or two photos of the happy couple in their best clothes taken in the photo studio at an early date to the wedding. This was a luxury. Today it is no longer whether to have wedding photographs if not that type of photography choose to cover all the details of your big day.

If you are seeking to perfect photographer for your wedding will be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most popular photographic styles. Having a clear idea of ​​the photographic style that you want to see in your wedding album will help you choose and hire the photographer indicated for your wedding.

Let us begin!

As the camera turned “portable” (nothing compared to our cameras today) it was born what today is considered the traditional wedding photography. This type of photography is known for preserving traditional aesthetic canons and follow a methodology similar enough that 100 years ago. Ok, ok, what does that mean? It means that the vast majority of photographs inns, a strict program of photography (including list of photos that can not miss) is followed. Every shot is planned in great detail and can lead your team photographer lights, tripods, and assistants to ensure that each socket is ideal. This type of photography is perfect if you’re someone who likes to plan things and who stick to a program. It also works very well in long wedding where you have enough to include photo sessions between each event of the day time;. More »

This type of photography is rooted in the world of news and reportage. If! In the real world where news happens in seconds and no time to walk posing is where originates photojournalism. For this photographic style a photographer who has experience in creating images of high aesthetic value with elements that are available when needed and quickly. This means that a photographer in this photographic style will not put anyone to pose for pictures, you will probably be charged with vital equipment (vital for a photographer means a pair of cameras at least several lenses and flashes) and maybe you accompany an assistant to help with the team and take pictures of other angles. No photo list continues and nothing is planned in great detail because the joke is to capture the times of day when natural. This type of photography is ideal for someone who wants to enjoy your wedding without photo sessions and almost almost without noticing out there a photographer to record all events of the great day. More »

Ah! The perfect marriage between traditional and journalistic reportage style. This type of photography is right for you if you can not choose to take that picture you long with your family but you also want fun and spontaneous images in your wedding album. This style also offers the possibility of not having to pose for everything. A photographer who can perform well in traditional photography and photojournalism may offer you a balance between both styles. This means that a party may schedule one or more cameras to the formal portraits of the couple sessions, and grooms with family and friends, and on the other to capture the most important and special moments of the day spontaneously and naturally. Today this combination of photographic styles is preferred among couples as it offers a very complete wedding album and covering various aspects of your big day.

The perfect complement to any wedding album is a photo shoot specially designed for the couple. Whether you’re thinking of engagement photographs in a photo shoot before marriage, or a photo shoot after the wedding, the illustrative photographic style and fashion type are perfect for creating super special pictures. Talk with your photographer about the different options you can offer thee. More »

By the nature of this kind of photography, this photo shoot insurance has to be after the wedding. If! This type of photography is for brides who want to enjoy her wedding dress without worrying whether stain, wet, torn, or whatever. Of course not everything has to be so extreme, but definitely enjoy the most is this dress so super special before storing in a box for who knows how long,. More »