Oscars 2015: Hollywood actresses rebel against sexism

In the latest installment of the Oscar film awards many famous actresses have joined to attack sexism awards and media during the red carpet moment they enter the theater.

Questions about his clothes, if they come or not accompanied, if they wear girdles reducing the time they have been primping … The interpreters are tired of bombarding them with frivolous or personal matters and instead, nobody seems interested in their roles in the films or their future projects. And this must be added, the flat bottom-up of the cameras to show her body or highlight your ass and her breasts, something that has outraged Cate Blanchett, among others. This sexisma and sensationalist treatment informarmativo not practiced with them instead, as evidenced in this fun experiment.

The novelty of the 2015 edition were the ‘mani-cam’, which E! He incorporated in the SAG awards from critics.

From Smart Girl, the educational project of comic Amy Poehler, in the last edition was launched an initiative: social sharing moments of sexism that are issued from the red carpet with #AskHerMore tag (# hazlem├íspreguntas) and propose questions of real interest to women filmmakers. “How it affects the sector crisis?”, “Did you meet the real protagonist of the story you play?”, “What do you think that no woman among the directors candidates in 2015?”, “Why there is so much wage gap between you and male candidates? “… could be some questions to better understand that the Film Academy considered the best performers of the year.

Beyond the categories of Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, among the few professionals nominated destacaronn Sandra Adair, responsible for assembling ‘Boyhood’ and Laura Poitras, director of the documentary ‘Citizenfour’ starring Edward Snowden, who is espionage cases in the NSA.

Alongside them, makeup artists, production designers and costume designers, categories in which there is high female representation itself.

Not so in the most important awards: screenwriting, directing, foreign film, or better film, which competes ‘Selma’, a film about the struggle for civil rights of the black population, led by an African American woman Ava DuVernay and produced by the powerful Oprah Winfrey.

The ceremony marked a before and after in claim equal pay for actresses and actors in Hollywood and for women in general, on any business sector. Responsible for vindicate front of the cameras was Patricia Arquette, Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood, in an intervention that has already passed to the history of the Academy Awards American Film.