Newlyweds: Decorating the car Grooms

The earliest historical records tell us how the wedding guests went out to lay off boyfriends, vitore├índoles and pouring batons as newlyweds were heading home to finally rest dela wedding festivities. From the late 50’s with the mass manufacturing of automobiles, this tradition became the decoration of the car in which the couple would leave. Godfather s first took this tradition, godmothers and then came together to tradition. Today both the wedding party and relatives of the bride and groom are involved in car decoration of the couple.

This tradition is particularly common in Latin America, USA and Russia … who besides celebrating the couple decorating your car add special touches to make sure that no evil spirit to approach them or interrupt their happiness. As part of this strategy to protect the couple touched the horn nonstop and sonores cans and other devices to the rear bumper of the car they are moored, with much noise nO chocarrero spirit will want to approach!

Although in many parts of Latin America the car is decorated with some floral accents and a pair of festive ribbons, all in good taste and easy to remove later. In U.S.A. it is common to take this opportunity to play pranks on newlyweds … and no problem with that, as long as the witty ensure that the fun in question does them end up costing thousands of dollars, or worse, your safety.

Generally speaking companies that rent vehicles for weddings, have some restrictions on how and how decorate the car. So if you’re in charge of car decoration definitely you want to check with the rental company which are the lines they handle. In fact, even if they decorate a car owned by the newlyweds, it is good idea to take the same care with a rental car. Many of the products out there on the internet suggesting walk can severely damage the vehicle and cause permanent damage to the exterior paint. So that innocent little joke may end forever etched in the car if you do not pay attention.

Safety above all

Suitable materials for car decoration