Much does hiring a wedding coordinator

A wedding planner or coordinator specializing in wedding events, can be an invaluable ally when planning your wedding. You can not only give you peace of mind and tranquility but can be an excellent investment that allows you to save on wedding. Even if saving is not a priority, it supports that gives you have an expert with industry contacts can save you many troubles and bad times.


How much does hiring a wedding planner?

The cost of the services of a wedding coordinator will depend on the amount of services and level of organization you need, as well as the area in which you find yourself and the season you choose to marry. Broadly speaking, you can expect to be charged a flat fee for consulting services, a fixed fee plus a percentage for consulting services you hire through it, or simply a percentage for services.

Here is an estimate of what different types of service coordination can cost

Consulting – New in town? Are you the first in your generation that house? You do not know very well where to start? A wedding planner can offer consulting services. This means that she can help you define what type of wedding you want, what services you need to translate your dream into reality, and what steps you should take to plan your own wedding. Also you can provide contact service providers that best suit the type of wedding you want and your budget.

Basic consulting service may involve one, two, three (or more) meetings with the wedding coordinator and may charge a fixed hourly rate or a standard rate for the service. Calculate about $ 100 per hour but of course that prices can vary depending on the area and service.

Consulting and Basic or limited coordination – If you know that you can carry out most of the coordination of your wedding but notes that in addition to basic consulting need some support to organize and coordinate services (let alone go for the third round of consulting and still have many doubts) then consulting and basic coordination is what you need. Your wedding coordinator could offer a package that includes both services, or maybe charge you per hour, or a flat fee plus a percentage of services to coordinate for you.

In this type of service wedding coordinator it is primarily a guide and help but you will be responsible for bringing things to fruition. The basic cost for consulting and coordination can start base rate $ 200 to $ 500. It is common that in addition to the base rate (or instead of) a percentage of contracted services from 5% to 15% copper. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the range of services that offers wedding coordinator, the time it invests in helping you plan your wedding, and you are involved in carrying out planning your wedding.

Coordinating wedding day – if you only want to hire a service and one nothing more … it this one. If! To plan your wedding you have all the time you know yourself and if you organize well you can do it without problem. To live your wedding you have only that day that day and nothing else. A wedding planner can help you keep everything under control and to ensure that all the details so carefully planned to develop as you programmed it. Questions, questions, directions … who sits where? Already they got the flowers? Where do I stand? And your aunt Conchita, what time comes? These are questions that you no longer have to answer if someone responsible for everything to flow with harmony and beauty in your day … and have all the answers!

The coordination of your wedding day may include the implementation of the program of the day, confirmation service providers before the wedding and coordination of all details of the day often ending the next day. Fixed fees are usually charged and these ranges from $ 500 to $ 2000 depending on the type of event, wedding size, level of experience of the coordinator and the purchasing area where the wedding was held.

Total coordination – Have you seen these programs on TV where the coordinator is responsible for everything? If! ALL!! From the design motif of the day, the choice of stationery, booking of church and reception site, the legal procedures, contracting services, tasting the cake, income costumes, choice of menu, the flowers etc, etc, etc … yes! Each and every detail is carefully planning and coordinated by it, may also attend meetings on your behalf and make decisions based on your preferences, you can negotiate discounts and basically plan every aspect of your wedding.

Full coordination can cost 10% to 20% of your total budget. If you are planning a destination wedding, if you’re a super busy girlfriend, or if you just want the advice and guidance of an expert in every aspect of planning your wedding then this option is right for you.

Lean an expert and enjoy your wedding

A wedding planner can be helpful when planning your wedding. Consider whether you can benefit from this excellent choice and study your options. Remember that as with any other service provider to celebrate her wedding you want a fair contract and clear. Make sure all expect to receive services that are clearly described and that all your doubts as to them are clarified before signing. Pick a coordinator with whom you feel comfortable and confident with it and form an alliance to plan the best wedding in the world: yours!