Monique Lhuillier bridal collection 2014

From the moment Monique Lhuiller began designing her own wedding dress the fashion world for brides began to be revolutionized. With a successful track record dating from 1996 Monique Lhuillier turned the traditional wedding dress in super-feminine creations, romantic, luxurious, sensual, and always impeccable taste.

Wedding dresses designed by Monique Lhuillier are characterized by being made of the finest materials, luxurious fabrics, exquisite workmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail.

In this picture two fabulous dresses in type A. The first cut with a golden girdle that definitely defines the waist. The second with fabulous lace and tulle accents that print an air of ethereal sweetness design.

Continuing the always fabulous and flattering silhouette These two dresses in gold represent bone and look a little more modern and interesting. The first design in a fabulous lace big roses to emphasize that in a classic and traditional design represent a refreshing twist of modernity. The second design in the most simple and elegant lines turns out to be as elegant, as contemporary with that delicate golden hue.

Texture, texture, texture! These fabulous wedding dresses in court dress gala type were made with an attention to the amazing texture. The first design worked in tule lace and applique layered skirt looks just fabulous with an indescribable ethereal quality. The second design is really clean and almost opposite the first but the incredible texture definitely take your breath, clear that if that you add a subtle golden hue to the skirt and an intriguing bow at the hip are talking about the perfect combination of elegance and contemporaneity.

Who said that to have a modern and sophisticated dress brides have to radicalize silhouettes and materials? Well, not always. These two dresses in silhouette Column type are the epitome of modern sophistication and timelessness.

Layer upon layer of delicate elegance defines the ethereal and romantic beauty of these three fabulous wedding dresses princess cut kind. Pay special attention to making these fabulous designs layered with delicate lace, tulle and appliques that simply gives them a fabulous ethereal air.

Did someone say revolutionize the wedding dress? If! Czech super-stylized look fabulous and almost as impossible the commotion in the first lace dress, forget the soft lace floating like air over the dress. Do not! This fits well help stylize the figure of the bride has a super modern and fun personality. It’s all about the structure of the design. The same the second dress, not only is a fabulous bridal dress in a golden tone crude, but has been made with a fabulous design evoking the royal dresses of yesteryear have a super modern and unique flavor.