Mobile and social networks, new areas of gender violence

Gender-based violence and, more particularly that which occurs between the couple, often associated with adult couples quickly. However, adolescent girls and children, as the most recent study of the Dones Juristes association, are confronted daily with her, many of them through social networks and mobile phone. During that age, among men become stronger very negative stereotypes associated with masculinity, some as aggression or the need for possession that society continues to justify.

Ianire psychologist Estebanez, driving the web, an excellent educational resource with reflections on teenage love and violence prevention, puts some examples of how you can live a situation of extreme control during courtship, what in the world Anglo is termed as ‘dating violence’. All of them are collected in the Rights report of adolescent women to male violence in relationships and similar situations, coordinated by Mercè Claramunt

In any of the above steps, she must have support from their environment and institutional framework to end the relationship and machismo. And one of the clear messages that should receive is that no woman is guilty of being abused. also urges other escape widespread ideas as she is responsible for its situation by not reporting or not defend themselves and avoid victimhood. Abuse, especially psychological, is complex, hence the importance of adding tools and support to provide security and firmness in a process in which the only culprit is the perpetrator.

Why so many teenagers justify and forgive such actions? According to Estebanez, only 37% of young people consider an unacceptable violence and made more than 10 calls or SMS a day, compared with 76% of boys of the same age. “Among women aged 12 to 17 years tends to idealization of romantic love, which promotes jealousy and control are justified and understood as evidence of love,” says the report of the Justice Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The company continues to develop symbols and messages that romantic love is idealized, it is the model of heterosexual couple to a hard, protective man (think of movies like ‘Three Steps Above Heaven’) and continues to transmit an ideal woman with a passive social role. Women’s empowerment and awareness of men and women from childhood are key to changing these patterns and put an end to situations of aggressiveness and machismo. Also to know which cases should seek help from specialists or reporting harassment.

The Institut Català de les Dones (ICD) warns of increasing sexual harassment and psychological violence (excessive control, threats, disproof, …) among children and adolescents using new technologies. Some of the indicators to detect these behaviors are

“We must break with the illusion of an unreal egalitarian society while our young people start relationships following old patterns that translate into control, domination and possession by men and submission by the girls,” he said about Montserrat Gatell , president of ICD.

(Rights Report of adolescent women to male violence in relationships and similar situations, Dones Juristes, Institut Català de les Dones, Generalitat de Catalunya Web of Ianire Benitez.).