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The claddagh ring is from Ireland and throughout the centuries has symbolized the most noble and pure love. Mainly used as engagement ring / marriage this ring, rich in symbolism, it can also be used as a promise ring, friendship ring, and as a family legacy.

Claddagh ring origin

Although not known for sure where or when the claddagh ring originated experts have said the claddagh ring almost certainly originated in Galway Ireland around 1700.

The oldest claddagh rings have been found dating from this time and were signed by jewelers in the Galway area (where the village of Claddagh is). There are not many written records on this ring. However, in addition to still being developed in this area, many families have spent their rings generation and generation there is a rich historical compendium regarding this beautiful piece of jewelry.

The tradition of the origin of these rings also includes a legend about a generous and gentle woman named Margaret Joyce that her wealthy widowed husband use her inheritance to build bridges that could inform your county with around. Legend has it that to reward his many charities an eagle flew over it and dropped a claddagh ring on her lap.

Symbolism claddagh ring

The claddagh ring has a rich and very special symbolism and regardless of variations that come to see the same three elements that never change: hands, heart, and crown.

Hands hold the heart and the heart wears a crown. The hands symbolize friendship, the heart symbolizes love, and the crown symbolizes loyalty. In many instances band ring includes or is composed of Celtic knots. Among the Celtic knots most commonly used most favored designs for wedding rings is the trinity knot (or Irish triquetra) than what engagement rings is usually represented three promises the couple: love him, honor him, and protect him.

Meanings in use

The claddagh rings may therefore represent a relative value, as a close friendship heart, as a formal commitment to the couple. What sets apart the meaning of this ring is like takes place.

for Singles

If a ring is inherited, as once it was given away it gives one generation, or simply used as an example of Irish pride, and not as a sign of commitment: it is worn on the right hand with the tip of the heart to the fingertips. This basically means that one is single with no commitments and that the bearing ring is a symbol of Celtic pride, a family gift or a friendship.

For lovers

If the ring is worn on the right hand but with the tip of the heart to the wearer’s wrist then it means that the heart of the person who wears it has already been taken. If someone is in a loving relationship and carries a claddagh ring this way means it is a relationship would be but have not yet committed.

For promised

The claddagh is a popular engagement ring can be customized in many ways. Usually if the ring is worn on the left hand with the tip of the heart to the fingertips the ring bearer is committed. This no matter which finger is kept, although often you’ll see in the traditional ring finger.

For married

If the ring is worn on the left hand with the tip of the heart to the wrist the carrier has already married. In fact many couples choose it as a marriage ring both its meaning and its tradition.

In addition there are writings attributed a special meaning depending on the position of the ring according to the fingers but today almost everyone is based on the previous four meanings.

Who uses?

Both partners can use this beautiful ring as there are both female and male models. In fact many couples from all over the world choose as marriage rings claddagh rings as they can be produced in any type of material. They are usually customized with inscriptions and dedication. They can even include additional details such as a cross on the crown or the heart to represent the Christian faith as well as various types of Celtic knots. In addition, the heart can be a gemstone (like a diamond, sapphire, ruby, or birthstone of the bride) if you want something more personalized.

Where do you find?

The claddagh ring is still made in the village of Claddagh, but you can also find this beautiful ring online, in cities with rich Irish tradition, or to commission him to a jewelry store near you.

The claddagh ring is really very beautiful and not only that, it also has a wide range of prices that easy to find a perfect ring all budgets. Think of it as an option. Whether you want to honor your Gaelic origins, you want to search a ring with wide price range, or you’re simply looking for an engagement ring or marriage differently. The claddagh ring is rich in meaning and tradition. Consider and take in your hand a ring that has been a symbol of loyalty and love for centuries.