Mariachi at your wedding

If you’ve been thinking about your wedding following a Mexican theme or simply want to include some Mexican music at your wedding you probably already occurred include mariachi music. This is an excellent idea. Mariachi music can be an incredible addition to your wedding.

Did you know? Although the origin of mariachi name is still debate, a majority seems to agree that the word mariachi is derived from the word mariage (marriage in French).

Mariachi is a group of musicians (usually a group of 12 or more members, but groups are also seen starting from 5 members) usually play violins, trumpets, classical guitar, guitar, bass guitar and sometimes the harp and flute. It is not unusual to see some other instruments on hand of mariachis including maracas and accordions. Generally mariachis professionals can play several instruments and sing very well too.

Although the mariachi itself originated in three states of Mexico (Jalisco, Nayarit and Michoacan) this style of music quickly spread throughout the country and has been recognized throughout the world as the official representative of Mexican music. Just to give you an idea, international conventions mariachi serve groups throughout Latin America including Colombia, and from around the world including the United States, European countries such as Spain, Finland, Serbia, and Asia as is Japan.

One of the most recognizable aspects of mariachi is clothing. Over time the garb of musicians evolved from a simple suit and straw hat blanket to an interpretation of traditional charro suit. Mariachi costumes are often adorned with metal stamping botonaduras either silver, steel, or other metals. Mariachi hats handicrafts are sent to do especially for the group that will use and infinitely superior quality that is often found in Mexican stores memories.

Today mariachis dress outfits inspired by the charro suit almost any color combination, the more traditional being the black suits and white. The black suit is the traditional wedding, but you can check with the group that you contract if they have a suit that matches the color scheme you have chosen for your wedding.

The music played by the mariachis is varied and includes different musical styles. It is traditional mariachi music included at weddings, celebrations fifteen years, birthdays, mothers, and being their origin in romantic serenades.

You can include mariachi music in various aspects of your wedding, including considers enjoy this traditional set with

Remember: A group of professional mariachi has a wide repertoire and can be adapted to follow the theme that you ask. It is very important that you prepare a musical selection from before hiring a group so that you make sure that you hire the mariachi who can interpret the songs that you like them and that are appropriate for a wedding.

With the great fame of this type of musical groups it is easy to find professional mariachi groups in the United States. Before hiring it is important that you make sure you’re dealing with a professional mariachi group and take into account the following considerations

It is standard practice to book a service (either mariachi, florist, or other) with an advance payment and contract signing. Make sure the amount of the advance is described in the contract and be delivered on a receipt. Retains the contract and the receipt of the advance together for future reference.

Read the contract carefully before signing, especially notice the cancellation penalties, conditions of service and additional costs for transportation and per diem.

You should know that

Now you’re ready to enjoy the tastiest and Mexico are at your wedding with a fantastic mariachi. Ajua!