List of earrings for wedding: get organized and enjoy your wedding planning

Even experienced browsers follow a compass and a map to get to your destination. For a bride who is planning one of the most important events of his life there is nothing better than some organization and preparation. Here is a complete list of what you need to do from start to finish to plan a wedding as fabulous as you. Let us begin!

List of earrings for wedding – 10 to 12 months before the big day

[__] Enjoy the thrill of being committed and prepared to what comes reading: Etiquette after the engagement.

[__] Share the news of commitment to your parents and your partner, with their closest relatives, and of course with the best friends.

[__] Take photography commitment to commemorate the event.

[__] Now he shares the good news with everyone. Post an engagement announcement in the newspaper, send engagement announcements by mail, or ignores the tradition and open a website for your wedding and sends an email to all your friends telling them the good news.

[__] If they feel like … they celebrate with an engagement party.

[__] Now it’s time to start planning the wedding. First you’ll want to give you a general idea of ​​the type of wedding you want. Something like a general outline of what you imagine your ideal wedding. What day, at night? On the beach, in a garden or in a room? ¿Formal, casual? ¿Religious, secular, or both?

[__] Now consider choosing a themed wedding or you can even choose a wedding theme. Czech here what is the difference and grasp ideas.

[__] Choose colors theme that complements the theme you have chosen for your wedding and make a super special atmosphere for your wedding.

[__] Now it is time to consider the economic aspect of the wedding. Start giving you an idea of ​​how much it costs and who pays what married in a traditional wedding.

[__] Finance Talk with your partner (and with the families of both, if they participate with finances) and prepares the budget for your wedding. It is including who will pay for what and how organized the funds to pay for the wedding. Remember that there are many ways to economize the cost of a wedding and you can enjoy a wonderful wedding even a budget cut.

[__] Start planning the guest list.

[__] Choose date and time for your ideal wedding. Choose also a couple of additional dates, just in case any of the items you want are not available on the original date.

[__] Choose officiant and book the church, temple, or where you want to hold the ceremony.

[__] If you plan to marry in the Catholic church you want to start preparations as soon as possible.

[__] Choose the place where you celebrate the wedding reception and book.

[__] Take out a wedding coordinator, if so desired.

[__] Elects the members of your wedding party also known as godmothers, godfathers, pages, and young ladies. Remember that they will need all the time you can take to prepare them to participate in your wedding. (Think: save for dowries, get fit, and ask for the day off from work.)

[__] Interview with essential service providers: florist, caterer, professional photography, and musicians.

[__] Schedule a tasting session menu with the caterer.

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