Label for an engagement party

If you just commit, almost immediately after sharing the good news with your loved ones and your ad in the newspaper, it is likely to be offered one or a couple of parties commitment to you and your partner. Generally speaking this festival serves to celebrate the engagement with family and friends. It may be a party to announce the engagement, or just a party to celebrate the good news. They can be held more than one party, especially if you have family and friends in different cities or more than one family member or friend wanting to celebrate them.

The engagement parties are usually held in favor of the couple and not by the couple (although there are exceptions). But in any case the two committed must attend and there are some rules of etiquette and civility that should know.

An engagement party should be held as soon as the couple has committed.

Gifts are not required at an engagement party. However if you want to give are some recommendations to consider.

It is best not to open gifts during the party because as first not as safe gifts is expected that there will be people not wearing gift. You’ll want to avoid embarrassing these guests and will be the best open presents after the party has ended and the guests already gone.

Important: Remember that every gift you receive by reason of marriage, whether in an engagement party, a bachelor party, a party dedicated to the couple, or the wedding itself should be grateful personally a note of thanks . From now it keeps track of who gave you that and be sure to thank each gift as soon as possible, ideally before the expiry of 15 days.

Note: It is a good idea to set the gift tables before engagement parties. In this way people who want to make a gift (even if not necessary) may be given a clearer idea of ​​what you like or prefer to receive idea.

Celebrate the engagement with family and friends is a great opportunity to prepare for what is to come. Enjoy this celebration in mind that it is the beginning of a super special and momentous time, preparing your wedding. Have fun and remember to thank your loved ones to be with you in this special moment. Congratulations!