Label for a semiformal wedding

A semiformal wedding is the perfect marriage between tradition and etiquette of a formal wedding and the fun and freedom that offers a casual wedding etiquette. This type of label is perfect for weddings that will be outdoors in fun locations, or just not too attached to tradition. All in all there are some etiquette guidelines to follow to achieve that sophisticated and elegant look you want to have even without all those tuxedos and formal dresses. Meet them now!

formal etiquette for everyone in general.

Women can wear

Men can wear

See invitation

When choosing attire follows the guidance of the invitation and if you doubt consult your hosts.

semiformal dress for bride

Label guidelines are to help set the tone of your wedding. What the guests, wedding party, and all actually wear depend on the degree of formality you choose for your wedding. However, if you are the bride, you can choose a more formal dress if you wish.

If! A semiformal wedding really gives you the freedom to choose almost any wedding dress you like, in the shape that suits you, and you prefer long. So you have to keep in mind is the comfort and convenience factor (factors which believe it or not play an important role in the origin of all this etiquette and formality).

For example, you do not want to wear a dress with monarch type cauda for a beach wedding or botanical garden. It would be very difficult to walk through the areas of the event and not the impracticality and possibly say that would be hot. This is where common sense and etiquette guidelines come to help.

Consider the following guidelines as the minimum of formality required, and if you choose something more luxurious always consider all factors.

For a semiformal wedding in the afternoon or evening the bride can wear

For a semiformal daytime wedding the bride can wear

semiformal tag for the groom

The wedding party

formal etiquette for godmothers.

Bridesmaids dresses should complement the bride’s dress as style, elegance and formality. Never never can never be longer, elaborate or elegant the bride dress. (Keep in mind that this rule applies to all levels of formality at a wedding.)

By tradition, though no label, it is customary for the matron of honor outfit look somewhat different and a little more elaborate than the rest of the godmothers. The idea is that the matron of honor can be easily identified by the other guests. If the bride has appointed a gentleman with this honor should dress like the groom groomsmen.

formal etiquette for sponsors.

The groomsmen attire groom is usually equal to the groom, this makes it distinguishable from other sponsors, whose attire may be somewhat less elaborate. Usually the difference is a simple detail like the vest or tie are a bit different from the rest of the boys. The most important thing is to follow a line of style and create a uniform look and elegant.

If the groom chooses a maid of honor rather than groomsmen, she may look similar to the godmothers of the bride dress. The main difference will be that it will not take but a corsage bouquet.

formal etiquette for young bridesmaids, young ladies, and pages

Young bridesmaids can wear dresses inspired by those who wear godmothers but appropriate to their size and age.

The young ladies (when still children) can wear a dress inspired by the dress of the bride or the ladies, made in similar materials, that is appropriate to their size and age. They can also wear a cute mandilito organza on a wedding cake or complementary color to the colors of the dresses of the bridesmaids, of similar material or velvet opaque tiny hooks or lace and shoes patent leather or ballerina slippers type.

The young ladies and pajesitos must be dressed so that complement their outfits. Similarly children you choose to bring your dress cauda or to participate in any wedding event.

If the pages are less than 6 years they can wear shorts and pants for day to night, a bag, a dress shirt and a bow tie. If it is greater than 6 years he can wear a dress version of the godfathers according to their size and age.

formal etiquette for parents and mothers of the bride and groom

Parents should choose outfits that besides fulfilling requiring the level of formality of the event, complement the regalia of the couple and the wedding party.

Mothers of the bride and groom can wear

Note: As godmothers, it is recommended that the regalia of the mothers of the couple never be more formal, elaborate, or elegant the bride dress. When choosing trousseau, moms, take into account the length, style, and type of material of the wedding dress and ladies. Choose something flattering and that complements the style of the bridesmaids and do not blanch style of the bride.

Remember: tradition dictates that the mother of the bride chooses trousseau first to give the mother of the groom an idea of ​​what will and so the latter can choose something that combines complementary in style and formality.

Parents of the bride and groom can wear


A wedding party aides should be informed of the color scheme and style the wedding party will be following this way they can look somewhat similar in style and formality.