¿Karaoke wedding reception Yes! Here are some tips.

The trend to include fun activities for guests at the reception is not new, nor is the karaoke at weddings, but here among us has become more popular in recent years. If you, your spouse, your friends, or your family are fans of belting your favorite tunes … this is for you. Here you need to know and some tips to add karaoke to the reception is a success.

The truth is that as photo booths, photo opportunities, traditional wedding dances and games, there is no rule that says if you take karaoke to a formal or informal wedding is appropriate or not. I say, if it were not that we would see boyfriends removing the brides garter belt in the middle of the track in formal weddings … can you? So the answer is: any type of wedding can include fun activities for guests, karaoke being one of them. Different types of formalities can dictate how to perform the activity (if full track for a not very large wedding, or to one side for a mega event), but in short: if you want to include karaoke at your wedding, you can.

Here are two schools. If you regularly rockanrrolean stage with family and friends is likely that they are waiting until you include karaoke at the reception. If you have probably brinquen the opportunity to be the stars of the moment haulers family and friends and partygoers. If your guests are rather shy or serious then it is good idea to include a note on the invitations or wedding website where you invite them to sing with you the very day. Something simple and fun to encourage them to participate.

Generally speaking reception for 5 hours is a good idea to limit the karaoke to an hour. Remember that in the chronology of a reception must include dinner time, cutting the cake, dances, speeches, and some other tradition. If your guests are fans of karaoke and know that one hour is not enough then choose more. But it is always good to leave people wanting to dwell too much and risking bore.

One or two hours before the end of the reception is good idea. Serious things already ended, the party is already animated, and if it is not a good time to cheer. If you take a lot of guests who know, it is a good idea or do a little earlier at the reception, or KJ professional support you will help maintain order.

Karaoke is definitely a secondary activity at the reception, so whether you’ve hired a band, a DJ, or even armed your own music list is a good idea that karaoke is secondary. Having said that, if you hired a DJ and karaoke know you want at the wedding, it is best to choose a DJ with karaoke experience (sometimes tell KJ). Good KJ can help you choose appropriate wedding that everyone knows, to keep the lively party scene without stealing the songs, and to bring order in the event that a guest left over drinks suddenly feel musical inspiration. In addition, a DJ / KJ will have experienced microphones, tracks, screen, and all you need for a complete experience.

Prepare a couple of songs in advance: If you and your partner are encouraged, be prepared to open a duet karaoke. Also their parents or best friends can prepare a special song for you.

Lower your expectations: If you put Christina Aguilera first karaoke I doubt anyone dares to follow with the next song. I’m not saying you choose the worst singer reception to open the karaoke, but if someone funny, uninhibited, and alivianado sing with heart even if it is not super mega excellent. So if your cousin is usually given the fun of his life in the karaoke even if not LuisMi invite him to be one of the first participants to help you open the karaoke. Open karaoke and can motivate even the most timid to sing a little worry of ridicule.

Considers karaoke or group activities: games like Rock Band or competitions Karaoke by groups (godmothers example against godparents, the groom’s family, the family of the bride, besties uni, etc …) remove much of the inhibitor weight stand to sing in front of others. Is not the same be part of a group that makes a fool together and win a prize, to stop singing alone … I say.

It includes awards: If you will include group activities such as competitions or challenges then you will want to include a few fun prizes such as award for the most enthusiastic singers, the most creative, the most romantic, the best dancers … and you get the picture. They can be simply applause of the guests, a little reminder, printed, or even typical competition moños diplomas.

Collaborate with your DJ / KJ: Choose songs that you know your people love and are also suitable for the wedding. In addition you want to put together a list of songs or themes that surely do not want to … say whether the abue not approve or if you bring back bad memories. I’ve said it before … but the song list at any wedding (karaoke or not) is essential.

Have fun! It’s your wedding, your reception is, and if you and your partner are having fun infect everyone else too. Many couples have included karaoke at their wedding and have fun as ever. Many others not included and armed themselves with impromptu one … either way the goal is to have fun together and share the joys of the great day with lots of encouragement and fun.