Joana Biarnés and 5 other pioneers of journalism

Yes, also in journalism we were and are pioneering women, even a profession that does not get rid of inequality, sexism and difficulties in accessing the address. These six journalists broke barriers and, above all, brought a new look to the office of the people who count things.

Joana Biarnés; The life of the photojournalist Joana Biarnés (Terrasa, Barcelona, ​​1935) has come out a little more from oblivion thanks to a documentary about his life that has seen the light thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on the Internet. Made by REC Produccións, ‘Joana Biarnés, one among all’ shows us a whole pioneer of journalism, the first woman to make a career in photojournalism in Spain and managed to sneak into the suite of the Beatles during their famous Spanish tour in 1965 or portray characters like Clint Eastwood, Orson Welles, Salvador Dali and Ursula Andress. His photos were part of the story but not the name of this Catalan, 81, who despite his good offices, suddenly reinvented itself to become a brilliant cook, the front of the restaurant Cana Joana of Ibiza. The film which you can see through this link or platform, it has been directed by Jordi Rovira and Oscar Moreno and it involved journalists as Gervasio Sanchez and chefs like Juan Mari Arzak, in addition to this bright woman in image or in the kitchen, always opted for the technique of “imagination” and has a thousand and one stories about a life fighting stereotypes.