Interview banquet service provider

A delicious, original, and preferably accessible menu is the dream of every bride … not so much to brag (though beats almost nothing listen to your guests praise again and again delight you chose for them) but really for agreeing to family and friends with a rich culinary experience.

Pamper your palate of your guests wisely choosing the caterer for your wedding. If you’re ready to interview a couple of candidates then you want to make sure: test tasting menu and … ask the following. (Probably in reverse order.)

Bonus: Can we see photos or videos of events that you took care of the banquet? Can we get referrals from clients with whom you have worked previously?

If you and your partner feel affinity with the service provider banquets and believe it can potentially be a finalist candidate for your wedding request please prepare a draft services with what they have talked. Requests that include costs, menu options, and what each cost and service included. And of course … schedule a tasting menu to see if cooking as well as talk.

Repeat the process with at least two other service providers banquet and then make a decision as a couple. Surely they will choose the best option! Advantage!