History Engagement Ring

The engagement ring has been part of the marriage traditions from the ancient Egyptians, but can say that it was not the most important part of the commitment. More recently engagement rings with diamonds made their appearance during the heyday of European royalty and thereafter the practice of sealing the promise of marrying a ring began to develop even among ordinary people.

Engagement rings – a luxury and a promise

There are some records delivery engagement rings among European royalty, including the presentation of engagement rings gold and / or diamonds. Some of the most notable records include the engagement ring that Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy in 1477, and the ring that Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII received at the tender age of two to seal the betrothal agreed with the infant son of King Francis I of France.

Of course, the jewelry made with precious metals and stones, were almost exclusively the use of the nobility, particularly in the boom times of European royalty. Most common and simple people could not afford this kind of promises of fidelity. However, this did not stop the habit is developed, even among commoners.

poetic rings – romance in hands

In the period between the 15th and 17th centuries young (and not so young) love offered their beloved girlfriends engagement rings (and also as a loving gift) called poetic rings. These simple and romantic gold rings were made in basic design with a flat surface on which were inscribed love poems. You romantic words usually took borrowed from the stories, songs, and popular poems of the time and the favorite languages ​​for processing were Norman French, French, Latin, and English (as they were commonly used between the French and English population).

twin rings – an interlaced love

During the 16 and 17 in England, Germany, Ireland and other countries, centuries enamored couples began to look twins or engagement rings, usually called gimmel rings or gammal (twin). These rings were made in two or more pieces that embonarlas together formed a complete ring in a unique design. He mentions these rings in various works of Shakespeare and the history of Martin Luther offered a gimmel ring to his wife with the inscription “what God has joined together, no man put asunder” and exchange records and delivery gimmel rings by royalty in several instances. From Renaissance and to date, the twin rings have evolved, and is now more common to find them as an important part of the Irish tradition. The claddagh rings, especially, can be found in this kind of meshed design.

precious gems and diamond arrival

Until the mid to late 19th century, more affluent lovers offered to their loved engagement rings made with colorful gems (depending on the economy precious and / or semi-precious stones). Once they began to exploit the diamond mines, and they began to market more easily it began to include the use of diamonds. Particularly during the Victorian era was common to use cut diamond surrounded and accented with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds heart.

Changing traditions – changing values

It as the tradition of dowry thing of the past turned and approved new laws that allowed women to sue promised that broke the commitment, engagement rings (forgive the redundancy) began to be considered for sentimental value as well as economic . In U.S.A. engagement rings made with rubies, opals, emeralds, and turquoise as well as having a higher aesthetic value were particularly appreciated as a sort of financial guarantee in case the marriage does not take place. Remember that particularly in these times a girlfriend who broke his commitment could be repudiated by society and could even be completely helpless if the thing was complicated.

The engagement ring as we know it

In 1886 the now famous Tiffany & Co introduced the silhouette of the engagement ring par excellence: a solitaire diamond, supported by six teeth, on an elegant band. This design allows the diamond to sparkle as much as possible and simplicity in design gives you a super elegant and timeless quality. To date, this design is more demand in the US

In 1947 DeBeers took the streak postwar affluence that was booming in the US and he launched the ad campaign “A diamond is forever” and thereafter the diamond engagement ring has become an integral part of the overall picture that has the engagement ring. In fact, it is estimated that over 80% of modern brides will wear an engagement ring before celebrating their marriage.

Of course not all engagement rings are the same!

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