History and tradition Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is undoubtedly one of the marriage traditions that have lasted longer. With its intricate sculptural look and a definite place of honor it is almost impossible to imagine a wedding without wedding cake or something similar. This as delicious as beautiful garment has been making appearances at weddings from the time of Roman and Medieval era. Then rolls stacked much simpler than what we’re used to seeing now but the meaning remains basically the same offered. Over time many traditions have developed around the wedding cake and so far this decadent confection remains an important aspect of many weddings.

The first cut of the pie as newlyweds is one of those iconic wedding traditions highly photographable, on par with the first ball, and throw the bouquet.

The cake cutting ceremony is the first activity that makes the couple as newlyweds.

To date, one way or another, cutting the cake it is one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding reception. This tradition is celebrated around the world in many shapes and forms, mainly because since ancient times it is believed that the ingredients used, especially flour and sugar, bless the marriage with sweetness and prosperity. Make the cut together and offer each other a bite of paste represents not only the first activity that makes the couple as newlyweds, but also the commitment to care for each other.

The wedding cake is usually cut after dinner and traditional dances, but before the opening of the most festive part of the reception. While the guests tasted the sweet confection the wedding party and parents of the bride and groom offer their toasts and good wishes to the newlyweds.

100% American tradition, the groom’s cake originates in the southern US where tradition has been perpetuated and continues to date. I suspect that what boyfriends often feel a bit left out during the planning of the wedding, the groom’s cake has taken off in other parts of the US and the world. Many modern weddings now include a delicious and creative groom’s cake flaunting their hobbies, preferences, and even your favorite sports team. While most wedding cakes are markedly female or at least stylized to match the theme of the wedding, the groom cakes are anything but. When both design and taste (usually an intense chocolate) cake groom is significantly a male pie.

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