Guide hairstyles and dresses that combine well

Okay. Come to the point, the main star of the wedding are you (shhh … do not tell anyone). All eyes will be on you in your dress, your hairstyle and makeup. Not only that, there will be photos and videos for posterity … So it is a good idea also to feel happy and in love look so fabulous as you are. The key to looking fabulous is the harmony of the elements. If! The dress should merge with you and the theme of your wedding, your hair and makeup should match with your dress and all three elements need to enhance your best features to the fullest. So in search of harmony, here is a brief guide to hairstyles and dresses that blends well with each other.

The basic rule is this: Your hairstyle should complement the look of your wedding dress and not compete with it. For example, if your dress is long sleeve, with intricate designs on the top of the waist … probably a great mane of curls cascading complete with tiara is a little excessive.

Here is a brief list of basic tips for combination of dresses and wedding hairstyles.

Note: If you’ll look your hair, make sure the length is greater than the top of your dress, otherwise you could end up with a very square look. If your hair is not long enough, you can use extensions for the wedding … or I let it grow!