If you followed the political news from almost any country in Latin America at some point and time chances are you’ve seen one or more of the great Latino leaders wearing an elegant guayabera.

Guayaberas are traditionally dress shirts for men (although there are also female versions) super favored by artistic and political personalities to be the ideal combination of a dress shirt elegant and freshness of the open and cool in the same court.

This shirt, also known as “official formal shirt” in Cuba, “shirt Yucatan” in Mexico, shirt Mexican wedding “in the United States, shirt” safari “in Zimbabwe and England, and” chacabana “in the Dominican Republic. It is a favorite of many gallant men from Florida and California, from throughout Latin America, and even as far away as Thailand and the Philippines.


Several countries the origin of these elegant and fresh shirts are discussed.

A guayabera is distinguished by the following details


Traditional guayabera shirts are white. Eventually they were adding pastels, bright colors, and even black (which is the most popular). Today you can find them in almost any color.

Material processing

The preferred material for making guayabera is, and will probably remain, cotton and linen. Since the advantage of these shirts is just their freshness, making them a hot material is almost ridiculous but sometimes worth it. If you want a guayabera but do not want to spend much a mixed material it is not a bad option.


Another detail that has been reinterpreted through the ages are the tucks. It is now common to find tucks embroidered above or to the sides. It is also common to see the delicate tucks simply exchanged for a couple of folds with elaborate embroidery instead. But what is certain is that traditional guayabera can not be without their tucks rigor.

Formality and etiquette

Guayaberas are recognized as formal attire, relaxed formal, and even office. They are also considered traditional dress of men in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

A gentleman can probably look stylish elegant guayabera a wedding. Whether short sleeve, long sleeve, cotton, mixed fibers, polyester or even just the guayabera are popular both for its versatile and stylish look as per your convenience.