Gloria Steinem, American feminist icon 60

US Gloria Steinem (March 25, 1934, Toledo, Ohio) is one of the most media of the generation of the 60s and the Liberation Movement of Women feminist. Journalist and writer follows Currently, almost 50 years after the publication of his famous article ‘After the Black Power, the liberation of women’ ( ‘After Black Power, Women’s Liberation’).

The activist, who coined the late 60s the term “reproductive freedom” is the founder of Ms. magazine, concerning the second wave of American feminism, and has turned in the last 40 years in different causes, taking always as common link equality of women, the latest being the situation of undocumented women in the US He has just published his autobiographical book ‘My life on the road’.

Gloria Steinem has always been a daring feminist whose main causes have been the defense of free abortion or his critique of pornography, she Unlike eroticism component “humiliation” and “domination” that involves both among heterosexual couples as the same sex.

In the film ‘The punk singer’, playing a dialogue between Steinem and the leader of riot grrrl movement Kathleen Hanna in which both explain as harassed by the press, looking with a magnifying glass every thing said or did in search of felt inconsistencies and enmities that could weaken their cause.

Nevertheless, and even running away from what she considered excessive theorizing the feminist movement, Steinem has managed to get their messages calasen in a generation of women and their achievements include

With more than 80 years, the woman who spoke openly about the freedom of women to choose between their career or motherhood, months before the publication of “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan, still working for various injustices social applying all his baggage as renewing feminist school 70.

In 2013, he received the Medal of Freedom, the US President Barack Obama gave 16 individuals (five women and eleven men) to contribute to social and cultural change in America in the last half century.

(Source: Official website of Gloria Steinem)