Five leading authors of feminist novel

We suggest the work of five novelists, of different genres and styles, from fiction addressing common problems of feminism, and gender violence, the political situation of Latin American women, racial diversity or aesthetic pressure on the body.

With novels like “The Edible Woman” ( “The Edible Woman ‘, 1969) or’ The Handmaid’s Tale ‘(‘ The Handmaid’s Tale ‘, 1985), the Canadian writer Margaret Atwood (Ottawa, November 18, 1939) it is one of the great writers of the twentieth and twenty-first century and representative of the feminist literature. Through his fictions and characters portrayed the loss of identity of women in a patriarchal society, the consequences of social myths about femininity and structural violence suffered by women. Atwood is an environmentalist and defender of human rights, as well as a reference of feminism in the 60s and 70s.

It is one of the great writers of the moment thanks to ‘Americanah’ (Mondadori), his latest award-winning novel.

Defined feminist is defined human being. “Feminism is a common axis in the novels of the Chilean writer Marcela Serrano (Santiago de Chile, 1951), author of ‘We who want us both’ (1991), ‘Lest you forget me ‘(1993) or “the Inn of the sad women’ (1997). his work has been translated into 18 languages ​​and has a strong political and gender background. his choral portraits of different Latin American women with their problems, their conflicts and their resistors up a puzzle: the common history, for the author, “in one way or another all women have to have” and is based on our link as an oppressed group.

The nacaragüense Gioconda Belli (Managua, December 9, 1948) has written successful novels as ‘The Inhabited Woman’ (1988), ‘The Scroll of Seduction’ or ‘The Land of Women’ (2010). She is an activist for human rights and held various political offices after the Sandinista revolution of 1979. They are also required reading his poems feminist awareness such as ‘My last crowd’ (2002) or ‘In the advanced youth’ (2012).

His latest novel is ‘The intense heat of the moon’ (Seix Barral).

Italian Melania Mazzucco (Rome, 1966) was released with ‘Vita’ and is the author of the fictionalized biography of Annemarie Schwarzenbach, travel writer, photographer and Swiss novelist with a passionate and complex life, as Mazzuco told in ‘ she is loved ‘(Anagram). His novel, ‘Limbo’, tells the story of a young noncommissioned officer in the Italian army to be recovered after being seriously injured in Afghanistan and faces his memories of this episode, including his experiences as a woman in a hostile environment of men. But perhaps his most feminist novel is ‘A perfect day’ in which naked reality and taboos of Roman society and addresses the problem of male violence in Italy.

His latest book is ‘you’re like’ editorial Anagram.