Finding the perfect stylist to fix your wedding day reported that in a survey conducted over 2,000 brides revealed that about 85% of them were planning to hire a professional stylist for your wedding day. This means that only 15% be encouraged to personally fix her hair for the big day. Honestly speaking, these statements do not surprise me since we are talking about an important day, many details of which care, and if you’re really not an expert in formal hairstyles, why not go with the one that if it is? After all, all is girls in magazines and even celebrities say … all look fabulous hairstyles thanks to a talented stylist.

Finding the perfect for you comb your wedding day stylist may seem impressive, but need not be. The first thing to know is that although acudas regularly to a salon and have a stylist in particular, this person may or may not be specialized in formal hairstyles.

Consult with your stylist first header

If your stylist is always a talented stylist to events or if understood very well and you know that any hairstyle you to bring him or her makes you a better and more flattering … then nor seek. You have in your hands a jewel.

Consultation in the salon you go to regularly

If your stylist is always a fabulous colorist who suddenly gives a blunting your hair, but the hairstyles are not your specialty then do not worry. The first place to start is in your beauty salon ever. Ask them if they have someone who specializes in formal wedding hairstyles and makeup. If you do not have a specialized stylist is likely to offer you a couple of recommendations.

Check with your friends and family

Another place where you can get good recommendations is among your friends and family. For a service provider as a stylist or makeup artist there is nothing better than this kind of recommendations. If a stylist made happy for one or more girlfriends among your friends then maybe worth interview to see if they get along.

Czech listings dedicated

If you do not usually go to a stylist especially if you tend to visit the beauty salon, if you’re the first of your friends to get married, or for some reason not congenias with the recommendations they have given you … you can check the listings dedicated to this type of service. For example and are excellent resources where you can see all kinds listings with wedding service providers in your area, if your style is more original can check listings found in Of course that as these there are many other specialized listings you can check for where you plan to marry.

Entrevístate with a couple of stylists

Recommendations and preferences choose between two or three stylists who seem you are more likely to be specialized in what you want or who you can get along better. He is talking on the phone with them, or if possible have an appointment to visit them personally. Basically you want to talk to them, tell them your preferences, see some of his work, about the services they offer, check prices, check availability, and finally see whether or not congenias with them.

Note: Some specialize in wedding hairstyles for events and stylists also offer makeup services. Consultation with stylists that you have chosen to interview if they offer these services, what are the costs, or if they recommend someone in particular.

A study program or test hairstyle hairstyle

Once you have chosen the stylist that best suits you and your needs, combing a study program (also known as test hairstyle). This practice is essential because you can experience first hand the work of stylist you have chosen and see if you really like your chosen hairstyle for your big day. Normally hairstyle practice about 3 months ago before the wedding so you’re a very good time to change your mind, to let you grow hair, or make any changes you feel necessary.

Note: Ideally, the study day combing hicieses makeup test, so you can have a clear idea of ​​how you’ll look the wedding day. Not only that but it tries to do the tests in the morning for you to try not only if you like the look or not, but also the durability of the hair and / or makeup within … BONE if it will stand the test day wedding or not.

Remember: it is normal studies hairstyle, make-up test, and additional services usually have individual costs of the cost of wedding hairstyle and / or wedding makeup. However you offer a package or not … if anything you do not want to continue working with the stylist in question is a good idea to know the individual costs.

Hire stylist services

If you loved the hair and everything else, if they hit it perfect, and if you feel comfortable with this stylist contrátalo as soon as possible. Book it for your date, be sure to include all the services you need and of course remember to confirm a week before the wedding every detail.