Fabulous and original ideas to arm the red carpet at your wedding.

The day of your wedding, your family and friends will be all decked out and throwing lights everywhere, arrive in style at your wedding, and all it will take to commemorate their arrival as they do celebrities is a red carpet and paparazzi. Well, who wants them Paparrazi ?, but the red carpet may be just the detail that allows your guests to take advantage arrival to immortalize the bright and happy they were to get to your celebration. (And all before you ruin your makeup with tears of happiness at the ceremony and hairstyle of adjustment in the dance.)

It includes a custom “red” carpet at your wedding

If! The Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys, Billboard, MTV, Nickelodeon and even Kid’s Choice awards have a special section to receive their preponderant guests and take their picture. Why your wedding would not have one? Think about it. Not only if you can have one, in fact, you can have a much better than any of those commercial events … yes, without advertising!

At the entrance to the site of the ceremony or the reception you can designate your own catwalk or red carpet with a custom backdrop. The carpet may be red or any color that matches your background. The backdrop can send the print to a printer (or do it yourself) on vinyl, canvas or muslin (think promotional tarps). Also you can do yourself with a little time, ingenuity and attention to detail.

Customize your background with

Design a thematic backdrop.

Alternative ideas and a couple of recommendations