Cutting the wedding cake to serve guests

If you have not contracted this service with your service provider banquet, or if something does not it can offer, or if you’ve opted for a do it yourself option for the feast, this is what you need to know and do

1. Appoint someone to help you cut the cake. Someone with experience is a good idea, but not necessary.

2. Go over the instructions together … and maybe even a simple practice with those you buy in any pastry cake. In fact if you yourself do the wedding cake can practice cutting the cake with the cake test.

3. Decide beforehand if you and your partner want to keep the top floor of the pie for the first anniversary or baptism of their first child.

4. Be sure to prepare and bring to the reception (you or designee)

5. Sharpen details with the banquet service provider: Be sure that the services themselves have contracted with respect to the banquet know that there will be a wedding cake and you have a person designated as responsible for cutting the cake and serve the pie in small dishes. In addition want to make sure to tune logistics such as what time you can get the cake in the reception place and if it has the features and space required to be maintained in optimum condition until the time of the cut.


Defines and confirms all the details regarding the service on the cake. For example: Who will provide the dishes? The forks? Is there waiter service to serve the cake to the guests? If yes, make sure you have the name of the manager and provide your cake cutter designated all necessary data for the mere day will help you know who and how.

If you are not number with services related to cake (either because they are not hired or have not hired caterer) then and designaste a person to help you cut the cake want to designate one or two more people to help serve the cake to the guests or prepare a large table (buffet) on one side of the cake to invite guests to go through a delicious slice of cake.

After the first ceremonial cake cutting and photos of rigor with boyfriends

1. Remove the ornaments on the cake. (I mean ornaments like statuettes boyfriends or other wedding souvenirs ceramic, glass, floral, etc.) No need to remove the sugar decorations and other decorative elements of pastel flowers only if any (especially if no they are edible) and of course the memories you want to save for posterity.

2. Save the ornaments in the box you prepared for them.

3. Remove the first floor. If you plan to keep the top floor, what follows is carefully remove and store in airtight container you prepared to keep.

4. Remove the supports and bases the first floor. Place them in the container you prepared for it.

5. Begin to cut the cake top floor to the bottom. If you removed the top floor then it would be on the second floor from the top down. Use the base of the upper floor as a guide to start the cuts on the second floor.

Technique for cutting the wedding cake

The technique for cutting round and square cakes is very similar

Note: Make sure the guests are being entertained while cutting and serving the cake. The DJ or musical group can invite guests to offer Brindisa boyfriends or even invite them to move to the dance floor.

If you want a special way to honor their parents, the couple can serve the first slices of cake personally to their parents. It is a very loving gesture that not only puts them at first but denotes a lot of respect, appreciation and affection.

Groom cut the cake

Traditionally the groom cake is sliced ​​and packaged in individual portions that guests take home for good luck. The first cut of the groom’s cake can do the bride and groom in a more relaxed version that cutting the wedding cake, or groom and groomsmen can be responsible for making the first cut. As with the wedding cake is a good idea to designate an official cutter and provide you with everything you need to cut, slice it and pack serve the guests to take home.