Customize your ceremony

The marriage ceremony is undoubtedly the reason for being of any wedding. With this ceremony you and your partner will celebrate their love and their desire to join their lives in marriage. Whether you get married in the church, with some religious officiant, or a justice of the peace, you and your partner can customize the wedding ceremony so that it reflects your individuality and values. Here are some ideas to help you put your personal stamp on this important and special moment.

You and your partner can write their own wedding vows. The vows are promises that both are doing now starting a life in marriage. Writing your own vows allows you to express what they most appreciate about your partner, your promise of love offer according to your values, and declare your love in a very personal way on this special day.

2. Prayers.

If you plan to marry in a church there will be some limitations on how you can customize your wedding ceremony.

Choose one or two readings that reflect what you and your partner feel is love in marriage is a good idea to customize your ceremony. With almost all officiating you can request that a couple of readings of your choice are included. Note that if you intend to marry a religious ceremony officiant may put certain guidelines on the origin of the readings. Again it is important to talk with your officiant to orient you a bit and give the nod to the readings you’ve chosen.

Honor your origins, your partner, or just add a touch of tradition and folklore to your ceremony. Many couples choose to include in your marriage ceremony traditions that have special meaning for them. You can also add a touch of tradition to your ceremony with special traditions such as ties, arras, and unity candle among others.

Besides the wedding party surely there is someone who has been an important part of your life you might want to honor the day of your marriage. Maybe it’s your grandfather, your darling niece, or the best yours and your partner’s friends. Why not invite them to participate in your ceremony? Family and friends can participate by reading one of the readings you’ve chosen, singing a special song, or helping to hold some of the traditions that you chose for your marriage ceremony. They will be honored and your ceremony will be enriched by the participation of your loved ones.

The music of your marriage ceremony is an area where you can surely put your special stamp. There are countless beautiful music that will acclimate your ceremony either love songs you two, or a beautiful selection of music you reach the heart. Be where you marry a beautiful musical selection liking yours and your partner will make a big difference in the celebration of your marriage.

Decorate to your liking church, temple, or place intended for your marriage ceremony can put that touch of originality to your wedding. If you love nature how about using living trees? Or how about the aisle runner customize with your initials and your partner. You can also use a color theme and design for all the details. Or add a gentle touch with yours and your partner as children pictures. It is no longer just about flowers, but a very personal stamp yours for your wedding day.

Choose a place that reflects both your values ​​and what you love. If you’ve always wanted you are a traditional church wedding choose one that catches your eye and match the style you want to give to your wedding. If you and your partner love nature or want their pets to accompany them on their wedding day they could get married in a beautiful garden, on a ranch, or even on the beach. Let the bussling you choose to celebrate the marriage ceremony reflects the tastes and preferences both yours and your partner.

9. Details.

Programs, memories, ornaments, and all the little details that are vital part of the ceremony and your day can be customized to your liking with a theme and color scheme. Moors theme decorating the place where the ceremony will be held with the details and all your guests will feel transported to a paradise of love.

Each and every one of the couples are unique, special, and different, and you and your partner are no exception. Embrace those things you love and are really part of you and not be afraid to incorporate your marriage ceremony. Whether in elements such as ethnic origin or tradition and just what you love. If you love the theater, fashion, nature, or whatever incorporates details that reflect what you both like and that is part of you. It’s your day so dare to put your personal touch.