brides Vera Wang Autumn Winter Collection 2014

Vera Wang is world renowned for the sophisticated, chic and elegant touch that is reflected in their wedding dresses and all their designs. Its refined, modern, and somewhat amusing vision has made him one of the favorite designers dress brides Hollywood and around the world.

In one sentence Vera Wang style it is modern, luxurious, with artistic personality and exquisite attention to detail.

Collection for fall brides winter 2014 (and also the spring summer, needless to say) is very clear and apparent individuality and unique style of Vera Wang. Only this creative designer has radically crossed the line from traditional and classic to creative and unusual with such strength, beauty and uniqueness … hold the hand of the aesthetic canons that make a dress for a wedding dress parties.

Let’s start delighting in these two fabulous dresses, the first in a sweet pink tone and the second in a vibrant coral red. Pay attention to the fabulously voluminous tulle skirts that underpin the silhouettes of these designs on a clear silhouette gala without removing the ethereal look and lightweight tulle transparencies lend to aesthetics.

These two fabulous dresses in silhouette cut type A are bright and modern colors used by as many as designs. The first design is clearly much more romantic and creative with that fabulous tulle and organza layered, beautiful rose hip and corset twisting seems to go up to the neck and secured with a ribbon. Instead the second design in a warm and vibrant violet has a distinct Asian influence with a look that combines perfectly the aesthetics of an elegant kimono and a traditional wedding dress topped with an accent to the hip in red very reminiscent of the type of flowers that can be found in Japanese prints.

These two romantic wedding dresses in soft peach and lilac definitely evoke an air of sweetness and nonchalance. Pay attention to the designs fully revolution corset princess-like silhouette without losing one of the elements that characterize flattering to that figure.

coral red, vibrant purple, lilac and sweet tones are fabulous Vera Wang chose to revolutionize the world of wedding dresses with color and creativity. But as if that were not enough, the traditional type princess silhouette was reinterpreted (and perhaps even improved) with asymmetrical designs included in their wedding dresses. Pay attention to how this fabulous designer has reinterpreted the use of lace, silk, and organza to create true works of art.

These three dresses in silhouette type column look anything but stiff and formal (not that stand out in a formal event). Likely due to the combination of colors, textures, and fabulous confection of these fabulous dresses.

These three fabulous wedding dresses in kind Mermaid (which admittedly is the sexiest cut) look even more spectacular and extraordinary in vivid shades of red and pink chose Vera Wang. Pay special attention to how the famous trumpet dress is created with an almost architectural construction that gives each design a very unique and special look.