The flowers are very important part of a wedding and all the bridal bouquet flowers is the star of the day. The bouquet is a vital part of the trousseau. Few things are worth as much as it is worth the bride’s bouquet. The bouquet is not only a reflection of your taste and style but also an important motif that will easily accompany 70% of the photos of the day. In addition to evoke feelings, be a statement of your style, and be the finishing touch of your trousseau, bridal bouquet can help to pose better and to better define your figure. Learn about the different styles of bouquet there and choose the perfect bouquet for your special day.

Also known as bouquet in gout. The cascading bouquet clasiquísimo has been interpreted and reinterpreted through time and always with great success. Although he had more boom early last century, this luxurious bouquet remains of the favorites. Their basic silhouette is always like an inverted but both length and width as the type of flowers, and the form and manner in which the effect is achieved can vary greatly drop waterfall bouquet bouquet. Its versatility and grace make this bouquet of the favorites;. More »

Also it is known as posy, clutch, in bonche, domed, stems and collected. A bouquet in dome is the reinterpretation of the round bouquet and corsage guy with the best of both styles. Basically a bunch of medium-sized to large with flowers forming a dome and fastened to the base with a beautiful ribbon or a piece of cloth. They can be made with almost any type of flower and accessories, be as formal or informal as you like, and highlight the beauty of the bride’s trousseau without stealing a bit of attention it does not deserve. What branches in dome are the favorites as there is great freedom of design and endless options and variations thereof,. More »

The classic bouquet you’ll find and also super versatile. The main difference between a round bouquet and a bouquet in the round dome is bouquet bouquets weapon on a carrier while the carrier does not use corsage bouquets. The cascading bouquet usually also develop in bunches holder. The bouquets holder is a comfortable super portable base to take with you that carries a floral sponge that allows the flowers continue drinking water throughout the day. A round bouquet is ideal when you want to use flowers very delicate or very short stems that would be difficult to use in a corsage, also for warm climates where otherwise dehydrate the flowers very quickly.

The bouquet is demure and elegant version of the corsage in dome. Usually a bunch of medium to small, easy to carry, and draws attention more for the type of flowers that has been produced by the size. Posy bloomed during the Victorian era where the most important was the meaning of things and not the size. The bouquet was made with flowers and herbs for their meaning rather than its color or style and bouquets (like everything in the Victorian era) were discreet and moderate in size. Although I suspect this size was mainly to use silver conitos to bring flowers (tussie mussies) that were so typical of the epoch. More »

This bouquet is of unparalleled beauty and has great aesthetic value. Whether collected stems, flowers wire fences, or in bouquets bouquet carries the crescent is very special. The architectural look of this type of bouquet and its various interpretations are the perfect opportunity to test the skill of your florist and look a bouquet with personality. Their basic silhouette is precisely crescent, the center is compact and elongated and ends freefall. This look is achieved by taking advantage of the natural drop of flowers or creating this fall even with flowers that usually would not.

A simple, smart, funny and free of any pretense bouquet. Country-style bouquets bride trying to emulate what would a bouquet collected in the field by a pretty girl in love. The basic silhouette is like a corsage or bouquet domed but instead of trying to create a round and crisp look with flowers this style simply lets them be. At least that’s how it should look. Actually achieve that natural look and carefree requires much work as Logar sharp and severe look, but that’s the secret florist. You just enjoy it.

The bouquet presentation is very chic and sophisticated, ideal for brides who appreciate the flowers in their full splendor and who are not content with a traditional bouquet. A bouquet presentation is made using flowers and foliage long (and tough) stem designed so that the bouquet resting on the arm of the bride. The bouquet can be simple with flowers and stems at one end to the other, or be double flowers on both ends without showing the stems. If gannets, Hawaiian, heliconias, orchids, roses, delphinium, and tuberose are your favorite flowers, then consider this type of bouquet;. More »

The perfect combination of a bouquet in dome and a bouquet of presentation. Flashy, funny, and with a lot of personality. This bold bouquet is perfect for brides who want a bouquet that combines presence and tradition with a twist of fun. Ideal for long-stemmed flowers such as irises, lilies, roses, amaryllis, birds of paradise, tulips, and others. Another version of bouquet of long stems are branches scepter type that does not necessarily have long stems can be used as pasture, foliage and other elements to lengthen the stems of a bouquet bouquet domed making a statement of style and fashion.

This bouquet has marcadísimas European influences, and is not for nothing, and that this style originated in Switzerland in late 1800. In a very similar to the nosegay bouquet in dome but has a particular detail, a well marked geometric design: circles concentric two, three, or more, usually just a couple. Each circle with flowers of different colors, and sometimes even with different types of flowers for each ring. This type of bouquet looks great with a variety of flowers and the secret to make it look great is to include one or two-tone color scheme you have chosen for your wedding,. More »

Also it is known as pomander. These bouquets are really beautiful and very fun to wear. The basic silhouette is a field of flowers, can be of almost any type of flower, but it is advisable to choose flowers as strong as beautiful bouquet to look as fresh as possible throughout your big day. The field of flowers is suspended in a ribbon or some other type of handle such as necklaces, silk strings, etc. Both the bride, as bridesmaids can wear these branches, but usually the young ladies are lucky to bring bouquets so cute and funny,. More »

The compound bouquet is probably the most elaborate and delicate you’ll find bouquets. This industry is creating a whole for the occasion. Say you want a bouquet composed of roses, what it is your florist will take rose petals and create a single rose petals several roses. This type of bouquet can be costly for the time, dedication, and expertise to achieve a beautiful and harmonious bouquet. A compound bouquet looks better and is more durable if waxy flowers with petals in a cool or cold weather are chosen. Definitely not a bouquet for summer in the tropics. However done carefully and in a climate may look really amazing;. More »