Apps and online resources that facilitate travel arrangements

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, you need to book rooms for your guests coming from outside, or you want to plan trips as a farewell to bachelorhood for the bride and groom … today there are excellent online resources that can help facilitate everything related to reservations and travel services. Our fabulous Weddings expert, Jessica Bishop, has found two amazing services that not only make planning a trip a much easier task … but can even help you save. So if your wedding planning involves travel services, Czech you these two options and explore your possibilities.

1. Jetaport

Couples celebrating their wedding at home usually have endless lists pending before the wedding for one of these earrings is offered to guests from outside options to stay. It is not only common courtesy to offer guests a couple of safe, clean, comfortable and affordable options to stay … and if you book a couple of blocks of rooms at two or three sites can also provide an economic advantage.

The first step is to do some research as to the hotels in the area where celebrate your wedding. You’ll want to pay attention to details like which have a relatively short distance from where you celebrate your wedding and who have the basic amenities for a quiet, safe, and comfortable stay. You’ll want to choose two to three hotels, with different price ranges, it is ideal to offer your guests a couple of possibilities for them to choose something within your budget, you’ve already given approval.

And with these data in hand, you want to register with Jetaport the dates in question, location details, and hotels of your choice. This service will then contact the hotels that have chosen to help you get the lodging rate in most economical group. In addition they can help take care of the special needs of your guests and help provide them with amenities that will improve their stay, Jetaport offers a super useful and easy personalized use service that can offer savings of up to 15% on lodging reservations.

2. Travefy

Travefy is ideal to help plan and book travel activities group, say for events like bachelor bachelorhood trips or destination weddings. This tool allows you to plan elements of group travel as activities in each destination, developing itineraries and reservations all within the site or app.

Travefy platform is available online and apps for iPhone and iPad for convenient access from anywhere. You can check the itinerary and all travel arrangements from anywhere. Share comments and held group discussions with all those who make the trip with you, all within the same platform.

What is even better is that Travefy allows group members can divide the costs among themselves (particularly useful in singleness travel activities or group activities in destination weddings) and pay easy and simple. No more shepherding group members to collect payments. Travefy handles! So if your wedding will include some kind of trip or turĂ­siticas group activities may Travefy can be handy.

For further assistance regarding travel planning make sure you visit our sites of our travel experts.