Amsale Aberra

Amsale Aberra career as a designer of wedding dresses started with planning your own wedding. If! When planning her wedding to film executive Neil Brown in 1985 Amsale Aberra quickly discovered that there was a great need to dress a little more simple, refined and sophisticated bride. So he did what a talented designer graduated from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York) with extensive experience in designing his own clothing: designed and sewed her own wedding dress!

In the words of Amsale Aberra “All (dresses) came super worked and too ornamentation.” The designer says that she was sure that was not the only one who thought the same of the wedding dresses that were then available. He placed a classified ad offering wedding dresses couture for brides who wanted a chic and elegant dress. With some answers in hand, the designer, a team of specialized seamstresses, and filled sketchbook started his business design wedding dresses couture in her own apartment in New York.

Thereafter, on behalf Amsale (pronounced as read in Spanish) has become synonymous dress “always modern” girlfriend. Amsale Aberra collections are designed for brides who want a sophisticated, chic dress, and timeless. In the words of the designer “I want, that twenty years after the wedding, the bride can see pictures of your wedding and be really happy with the way he wore at her wedding.

Collectables and lines

Good taste, class, and style Amsale Aberra earned him a position of prominence in the world of couture wedding dresses. Its always modern wedding dresses Amsale Aberra elegant, sophisticated style has expanded and evolved to include several lines within the brand including Amsale


Amsale Aberra specializes in elegant designs, modern lines and simple appearance. Regardless of the silhouette, simple elegance and fresh lines give a youthful touch to your sophisticated designs.

The design philosophy of Amsale Aberra has redifinido the perception of wedding dresses. She has achieved the perfect evolution of traditional silhouettes to a sophisticated contemporary without forgetting the elegance and class of a traditional wedding dress. She reintroduced the design “illusion type” to create much more flattering dresses bride. Caudas modernized and included touches of color with impeccable taste as her famous wedding gown of “blue ribbon”. Some of his designs have become so famous that they are already recognized as modern classics (the purpose of the designer). Each dress shows a perfect balance between subtle details, flattering silhouettes, and great elegance.

Customers Celebs / os

Amsale Aberra designs are favorites among celebrities, both elegant and flattering dresses as its beautiful couture designs. Among the celebrities who have sported an exquisite design of Amsale Aberra are Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Selma Blair, Salma Hayek, Lucy Liu, Heather Graham, Kim Basinger, Deborah Norville, Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa Williams, Lisa Kudrow, Heidly Klum, Katherine Heigl among others.

As a wedding dress out

Collections Collection Amsale wedding dress, Amsale Blue Label, Kenneth Pool and Christos are made more or less elaborate models priced around $ 3000 to $ 12,000 USD However, most of her dresses are priced at $ 4,000 USD A quite accessible to the average bride (within the average generally budgeted for wedding dress in a standard wedding) and even more if we consider that are designs that often look famous celebrities and special events in the price.

There are several ways to save on wedding dress without your having to sacrifice class or style. If you have a moderate amount budgeted for your wedding dress there are several options that allow you to enjoy a dress Amsale Aberra within your budget. One option is to take advantage of end sales season where surpluses and the only samples with incredible discounts sell or buy a second-hand dress.

where to buy

The main boutique Amsale Aberra is in New York. If you have the opportunity to visit you can find in

625 Madison Ave., New York, New York, Tel: (212) 583-1700

The collections prêt à porter fashion and wedding dresses Amsale Aberra are exhibited in the most prestigious US stores and around the world. Among the stores where you can find designs can visit Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue in the US To find other stores or specialty stores Amsale Aberra manage their designs see the store locator found on its website. Surely you find a store near you.