Alternatives to the tradition of throwing the bouquet

There are so many wedding traditions as there are couples in love. From look white, to bring a bouquet of flowers, to follow certain protocols or private celebrations at the wedding. But although there are many traditions not all always combined with our beliefs or preferences. And you know what? It’s okay if you do not want to follow the traditions toooodas, you can skip one or the other. After all it is your wedding, and you can celebrate this important moment in the way that you want.

A tradition that some brides choose to ignore occasionally is to throw the bouquet, maybe you’re one of them. You may not want to force your friends and single family to stand in front of everyone, perhaps most of your friends are already married, engaged, or simply not interested in this matter, perhaps simply an activity that you are not interested. Anyway if you do not want to throw the bouquet but if you want to do something with it here are a couple of alternative ideas that you and your guests can enjoy.

Dancing Anniversary

An idea that can implement is the anniversary dance. In fact, just until you’ve already seen in other weddings. Basically, the idea is to present your bouquet as a gift to the couple invited to your wedding take longer married.

Here’s how it works: The master of ceremonies, DJ your wedding, or you and your partner invite all married couples to move to the dance floor. After dancing a while it is invited to couples who have been married one year or less sit down; after a while couples who have been married for 5 years or less take seats are invited, and so on in increments of 3 or 5 years married until only a couple on the dance floor. The latter pair will be invited to share with others how many years have you been married (and perhaps your secret) and you and your partner will honor presenting them the bouquet.

Present the bouquet

You can skip the dance and deliver the bouquet directly to the couple who have been married longer. This is particularly appropriate if you know in advance who the lucky couple, especially if they are for example your grandparents or a couple close to you. Of course, if you do not know who has been married longer, and do not want to dance anniversary, you can invite all married couples to stand on one side of the table. Then, as in dancing, they can ask couples who go sitting on anniversary anniversary. The last couple receive flowers remain stopped.

Give the bouquet to the next couple

If you know that your wedding will attend another betrothed couple, this is an excellent alternative to throw the bouquet. You can invite prospective grooms to stand to one side and yours and your partner Give them the bouquet. You and your partner can offer some advice or tips they have learned to plan your own wedding, or can simply congratulate and offer their best wishes.