accessibles and original for wedding venues – without passing the budget

Many couples start planning their wedding quickly discover that the place they choose to celebrate the wedding may be more expensive than anticipated … much more expensive. In fact, many places have a higher cost when it comes to wedding when is a standard event (for what other specialized services and care to prepare a place for a wedding implies). But this does not mean you have to pay for it or you have to choose a place “dedicated to weddings.” There are alternative options that can be significantly cheaper and in many more special cases.

Here are some ideas to help you choose a fabulous place to celebrate your wedding without sacrificing the budget.


You and your partner have a favorite restaurant? Consultation with the manager or owner of the restaurant what it would cost to rent a private lounge, a section, or perhaps the entire premises. Obviously this will depend on the size of the venue and your wedding.

Tip: To save a little more looking for a restaurant to match the aesthetic style you have in mind for your wedding. Take advantage of the intrinsic restaurant services and try to maximize what it can offer as a service provider. For example, if you celebrate a Retro wedding choose a restaurant with a strong retro aesthetic, leverages its menus and specialty drinks, and be sure to book them on a day and time where your wedding is the priority.


Many parks and public areas in the city can be rented for private events. Many times the rates for renting these types of areas are rather nominal. Looking parks that lend the event in question, either by having well-tended gardens or areas with high aesthetic value and / or utility – think: fountains, covered patios, gardens, theme, or even large picnic areas.

Tip: Try to choose a park that regularly is in good condition, not only want to renew your wedding. If you want to save on flowers and decor is good idea to choose a park with a high aesthetic value, well maintained thinks gardening and flowers, shrubs, and other natural elements in full splendor. And remember that you’d be getting married outdoors … and there are some things to consider.

Theaters and halls for artistic performances

A theater may not seem like a standard for a wedding place, but the truth is that many theaters can be quite magical and special, in addition to rent one for your wedding can help preserve the arts. For example, the incredible Brooklyn Academy of Music can be rented for weddings. It has several areas where the ceremony and a large and majestic lobby where to hold the reception. Many cities have theaters and old rooms that are not as popular now as they ever were, that does not detract from the aesthetic value and great potential for a special event. Also considers modern theaters and salons gladly rent their areas in low season or evenings that no presentations.

Tip: As always, choose a place that matches the aesthetic that you have in mind and requiring minimal investment to transform it into the ideal place for your wedding.

Universities and university facilities

Those small chapels, these rooms for meetings university, and those gardens! Start with your university … generally speaking, graduates can rent the areas of his alma mater for almost nothing. But the truth is that even if not cursaste university studies which areas you like, rent areas can be quite economical.

Tip: We have said, make sure the areas you choose have an aesthetic value that complements the artistic vision you have for your wedding, and that the costs of enabling the areas to serve a wedding does not leave more expensive than renting a place and specializing in weddings.

unusual or creative places

Theme parks, mills, barns, and old farms, or perhaps the place where they met. An unusual or creative place immediately give your wedding lots of personality and style. Since these places are not rented for weddings can rent them at lower prices, but there is the possibility of renting some additional facilities that (think chairs, tables, cutlery, and even portable toilets). I’ve known couples who were married in a water park, a tequila distillery, and see you in your favorite equestrian ranch!

In all cases, remember to consider what it would cost to bring the actual place to celebrate the wedding, it included in your calculations all that you can rent and services you you hired … maybe out much cheaper than a place that specializes in weddings … maybe maybe not. It is best to check as many possibilities as possible and then make an informed decision.