A superstitious wedding: portents and omens of good luck

And review some of the wedding superstitions around the world, we also took a revisadita superstitions that relate to wedding gifts and also with the wedding cake. Now let’s see omens of good luck that around the world and one another ritual that they say helps improve the fate of the couple now embarking on married life.

Many cultures believe that a little fresh rain on the wedding serves to take away all sorrows, to renew the spirit, and to promote fertility in marriage. So much so that Italians have a “Sposa bagnata, Sposa Fortunata” said meant “wet bride, lucky bride”. In India, where many weddings are held in the monsoon season, it is said that a wet knot is much harder to undo (remember they have a tie ceremony hands).

On the other hand in Ireland it is believed to rain before the wedding indicates the possibility of a tearful married life.

It is also believed that too strong winds can take with promises of couples. As for the snow that falls is believed to presage a marriage blessed with peace and warmth that snow and a warm place to shelter may offer.

There are many superstitions about seeing all kinds of animals the wedding day. But probably the most famous is to see the black cat of good fortune way to church. As would be if good luck in person, scare the black cat of good fortune is like scare luck. So it’s best to be super friendly and kind to him for all the good luck. Similarly, if there is a spider in the wedding dress will be blessed union, if there is a spider in the kitchen wedding day means that there will always be food on the table.

If the couple encounters a funeral procession way to mass or walk past a graveyard, then death is believed to be visiting soon. On the other hand, in England and Scotland, is particularly lucky run into a clean chimneys, who cares for the warmth of home. Many families hire one plane to give him a kiss on the cheek to the bride and thus ensure that the home of the newlyweds is always a warm and welcoming place.

The antidote to any misfortune way to church is easy. The couple must take some money or loaf way to church and do an act of charity on the way. Whether almsgiving or feed someone in need, these two charitable acts have the power to not only counter the bad luck but boyfriends attract all kinds of good fortune.

The odd numbers are considered good luck, so a lucky guest list ends in odd number. Invited to a Chinese Wedding bless the newly married couple with several floral arrangements made with flowers carefully which means love and marriage. Some flowers are used in Asia for a happy marriage lilies, orchids for good fortune, and lotus flowers for harmony and virtue in marriage. On the other hand in Egypt pinch invited to the girlfriend to wish him good luck in marriage.

Russians believe a guest single set (without obligation) at the corner of a table is like vaticinarle seven years of bachelorhood. As for the sisters who were home the youngest of the sisters is recommended to dance barefoot with a broom, wearing an apron, or within the washtub to reject any bad luck that relates to the fact that his sister is lower case before them. If you have several single guests and want to give them a little help in your romantic life, send them home after the wedding with a delicious piece of wedding cake, dreamed of her soulmate and you can see who you are, and what they do with that information is a matter of each person

It is said that the first person to enter the house will be the dominant part of marriage. It is also said that it is unfortunate that the bride tripped when entering the house. As a result, the romantic tradition where the groom to the bride charge when entering house developed, this allows the bride and groom go home together, to say nothing of the romantic and sweet is this gesture of chivalry. This superstition turned into lasting tradition and is one of the most popular and common around the world.