A modern and easy to assemble fotomatón

Whether you’ve decided to rent a photo booth, put together one with a digital camera or an iPad, or simply customize a wedding app complete with photo booth … definitely you want to include fun accessories to create unforgettable pictures. If!

Input you can visit somewhere like Etsy or Ebay and find several sets of “photo booth props” cute and funny. You can also visit a party store and secure find accessory packages and signs with the same function. But … of course that’s not all … the top 5 Czech tender, romantic, and fun accessories for the best wedding pictures and put your personal super touch to this experience.

1. Marcos

Since that day a talented photographer decided to use a wooden frame to frame those radiant sweethearts photography frames have become the world’s most versatile photographic accessory weddings. Easy to get, easy to make yourself, super easy to customize, and more versatile when photographing individuals, couples, and groups.

2. Artificial flowers

Paper, silk, plastic, drawn, painted, and even natural. Within the theme of your wedding or nothing to do. Great grandototas to contrast with your guests, or of all sizes. In tones and natural, romantic, tropical designs or, in rather graphic design, origami, or totally unusual silhouettes. In wreaths, brooches and hair combs. Hanging curtains or scattered in the photographic space as accessories. There is no limit and if a lot of range of options and prices for customizing and do just what you want with them.

Customizable blackboards, droll messages, faces, and all sorts of bells and whistles can be included in bubbles, hearts, circles and signs of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Easily you can do yourself (with the usual method of cartonboard and wand) or you can buy games and made signs. There are endless both modern issues such as retro, as Victorians, as sweet and romantic, as fun, as you can think, now available online.

4. Balloons

High! Do not think that I mean the traditional ornaments globe. You know arches, columns and structures balloon … that came here we can also look really fabulous. No, I mean thematic gas balloons. In the colors of your wedding, with or graphic design motif of your wedding, ridiculously giant sizes, or in an abundant cloud. There are many fabulous options that do not cost much and have a super high impact visual and photographic accessories.

5. Sweets

If you are already considering offering a Venetian table of desserts and sweets, or perhaps decorate your wedding cake with candy, then nothing could be more appropriate to put together a photographic space with unusual sweet as accessories. Paletotas twisted candy, candy big red hearts, and antique glass candy and sugar sticks, some candy rings, and a few teeth or mouths of humorous Kissing Gecko. Choose a theme such as color and style and get ready for sweets and fun pictures with a big wow factor.