A leap of faith! Brinquen broom at your wedding and celebrate life.

Between new and old traditions and marriage ceremonies there are many options to choose just which best represents your personality and your partner. Here the most comprehensive list of marriage ceremonies and readings, prayers, sayings, and ideas on how to celebrate and customize them according to your wedding theme.

Brincar marriage broom

A leap of faith.

Around the world there are marriage traditions with centuries of existence that use the broom to symbolize a new beginning in the life of the newlyweds;. Reading celebrating the leap of faith of the couple to marry.

The marriage tree

Tips to hold a marriage ceremony with a marriage tree and list sturdy trees that symbolize marriage

Enrich the meaning of your marriage tree with these ideas.

together forever

Love padlocks have become a popular ceremony of marriage. Here are some creative ideas to include a padlock of love on your wedding festivities

Ideas for the ceremony padlock of love.

Lanterns wishes

Flyers lanterns create a spectacular moment at a wedding. These flying lanterns represent the dreams of the couple and the good wishes of your guests for your marriage.

inspirational readings for a ceremony lanterns desires.

Rite joining hands

Ceremonies joining hands for modern couples. This hands marriage ceremony (handfasting in English) is one of the oldest symbols existing marriage.

Readings and ideas to celebrate the union of marriage rite hands.

Marriage ceremony of marriage vessel

This tradition originated in the native communities of the continent aims to bless the couple. This Native American ceremony union joins the couple for eternity.

significant ideas for a Native American marriage ritual. Chal marriage prayer

Cover your marriage to the protection and comfort of prayer.

Depicting comfort, shelter, and comfort, the marriage shawl around the couple in love and mutual protection.

Rekindle the romance with a double time capsule

Double time capsules capture the magic of the wedding day.

Captures the essence of the wedding by creating a time capsule that will open with your partner on a certain date.

Readings and blessings for the marriage time capsule.

Love immersed in tradition

Tea plays a major role in marriage ceremonies In many cultures, a formal tea ceremony is an essential part of the celebration of a marriage compromise, so as to honor the parents of the bride and groom during the wedding festivities.

Folding 1000 paper cranes for wedding

Brides of Japanese origin make 1000 origami cranes each with good wishes for the marriage. Regarded as traditional symbol of love in Japan, the cranes are strong but also graceful creatures;. Transforms your collection of paper cranes for the wedding in majestic works of art.

Love is sweet as honey

Honey is the universal symbol of life and love.

A more than adequate to represent the sweetness of love and life symbol, this golden nectar has been an important part of the marriage celebration in various parts of the world. Sweet readings to complement the wedding ceremony of honey.