8 steps to design a menu of delicious, original wedding, and accessible

Put together the menu for your wedding may seem a chore but really does not have to be complicated. Of course there are several considerations you’ll want to consider starting with the budget and ending with chiquear and pamper your guests … everything is important. This practical and simple steps you can follow to help you design the perfect menu for your wedding.

Let us begin!

40 to 50% of the budget goes to a wedding reception, and much of this amount is spent on food and drinks. So primerito you should do is have a clear and concise idea of ​​what your budget for this section. Ideally you will want to know how much you want to spend per person as well as a general idea of ​​how many people you expect to attend your wedding.

Where you marry, what time, what kind of event you are planning. Definitely not the same as a menu for a spring wedding in the morning with an outdoor reception brunch type in a botanical garden … a formal winter wedding, held in the evening with a reception in a luxury lounge.

With the budget and logistics of your wedding at hand it will be much easier for you to choose a catering service that suits your needs. As with any service provider will want a caterer who comes well recommended and which feel good chemical in dealing with them. At the time of interview you ask them what their specialties and please ask them to share with you their recommendations for the type of wedding you are planning (and that also fits your budget).

Not all weddings are cut from the same cloth, in fact, each and every one of the couples are unique and different. Each pair has its own personality, tastes, backgrounds, style and personal vision for your wedding day. Customize your wedding menu

If you offer them an exclusive drink sure to provide at least two versions, for example a creamy and fresh (and of course each version with or without liquor). If you offer them canapes cocktail hour, consider offering fresh canapes and hot canapés, ideally at fixed stations and also served by waiters. If you offer them a buffet sure there is something for everyone. Anyway, the point is to consider your guests and make sure everyone enjoys what so fondly want to share with them.

Do you have vegetarian friends? Maybe a family member has a food intolerance (perhaps to dairy or gluten)? Consider these details when choosing the menu. Obviously you do not will plan a menu based on the nutritional needs of each and every one of your guests, I think that would be almost impossible. What we do want is to offer a couple of options for people with different dietary needs. If you know there will be people with special dietary needs ask your caterer what dishes can be prepared to accommodate these needs.

Essential! The food supplier certainly can arrange a tasting of an outline of the type of menu that are planned together as well as some of their specialties. Normally a tasting usually for boyfriends, but you can probably hire the caterer with a tasting for their parents or two or three people close to you. It is always better to have a second sincere and selfless when making important choices opinion.

After tasting talk with your partner and their parents (or friends) on the proposed menu What are your strengths, what is missing? ¿Harmonize the different elements together? How you can improve and what changes would benefit? Talk to the service provider banquets and together completed the menu. It may take a couple of tries, but really worth paying attention to this important detail. When you have a final draft menu returns to consult with their parents and friends and being all well remember confirm with the service provider the final menu within the time limits they have established. And ready! You’re ready to pamper the palate of your guests on your wedding day.